5 Powerful Life Lessons from the Filming of Lord of the Rings…

5 Powerful Life Lessons from the Filming of Lord of the Rings…

Today, we were fortunate enough to enjoy the Ride of the Rings, which took us on horseback around some of the magnificent places where they filmed Lord of the Rings.
Sarra was lucky enough to ride one of the horses that was actually used in the movie itself!
However, along the way, 5 powerful points from this great movie really stood out as great life lessons that really motivated and inspired me, that i thought I’d share with you:

1. Go the Extra Mile
Sean Bean played the role of Boromir in the movies. Most of his scenes were filmed high up in the mountains and in areas that most of the other actors took helicopters to.
Sean, however, was terrified of helicopters. In order to get around this, he would wake up hours before the rest of the cast and hike up to where his scenes would be shot.
Sean, literally, went the extra mile, many times!

2. Give to Others
During the shooting of Lord of the Rings, a riding double was used for Liv Tyler’s character, Arwen. This specific riding double was a lady called Sonia Duncan.
Sonia spent a lot of time riding a specific horse during the filming and developed a strong bond with that horse.
At the end of the filming, all of the horses were auctioned off. Sonia was so heartbroken that she did not attend that auction as she couldn’t bare to be parted from her horse.
Vigo Mortensen, who played Aragon, realised this and as a surprise for Sonia, bought that horse for her in the auction, so that they could be reunited forever.

3. True to Your Word
During the scene where Sean Bean’s character, Boromir, is killed, Tolkien specifically says in the book that the leaves on the ground were golden.
The forrest where this scene was filmed has a very specific species of tree that has its leaves that go golden a couple a couple of times a year and shed them.
Peter Jackson specifically times the filming of this scene so that it would take place during this short window, so that he could stay true to the book.

4. Respect Your Environment
After Lord of the Rings, the set for Hobbiton was dismantled and removed. When the Hobbit trilogy was filmed, a permanent set was built.
Apart from Hobbiton and one arch near Wellington that was created for the movie, nothing else is left.
Peter Jackson was very particular about the environment and wanted to ensure that his filming had very little impact on New Zealand.
In many of the forests, most of the cables were laid by hand and moved by hand to not affect the natural environment.

5. Think outside the box
The panning shot up towards the top of the Tower of Isengard is one of the best shots in the Lord of the Rings movies.
However, the problem was that the Tower was too big to build inside the studio.
So, instead of the tower being built vertically, it was built horizontally and that vertical panning shot was filmed horizontally and then flipped to vertical, to give the magical effect it now has.

These powerful lessons really helped me to appreciate the movies more and, more importantly, how the same principles you need to make amazing movies are also similar to the same principles you need for an amazing life!

Kia ora!

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