Appreciation – The Paradoxical Source of Success:

The word Appreciate is, in itself, a paradox as it has two meanings:

– To look at what you have and to realise that it is enough
– To take what you have and to cause it to grow

On a rational level, these two concepts contradict each other. On the one hand, the word appreciate means to be satisfied with what you have and to live within your means, whilst on the other hand, it encourages you to use what you have for future growth, implying that what we have is not enough to live within our means.

On a spiritual level, however, this makes complete sense as what we appreciate grows.

Moses once defined this point very eloquently:

“Be grateful and your wealth will grow.”

When we take a few minutes to look at what we have to appreciate, we realise the abundance we already have:

– For our body, which we take for granted that is God’s greatest gift to us.
– For our wealth which, when we realise how little we actually need to live well, is always abundant
– For our faith which carries us through. How often at the start of something difficult do we wonder how we will survive, yet at the end we realise just how much strength we had to not just survive, but thrive.
– For our family and friends who we pray for and who pray for us and whose blessings we unquestionably reach

As Moses stated, it is by being grateful that our wealth grows.

– By appreciating our health, rather than abusing it, does our health grow.
– By appreciating our wealth and how much we have, do we then have the confidence and motivation to work harder and smarter, which in return is rewarded with more
– By appreciating our faith do we become closer to God and, with this, our faith grows
– By appreciating our family and friends, for whom the more love we have, the more love we receive

As we can see, when we see the term Appreciate from a Spiritual perspective, what seems to contradict on a logical basis suddenly appears to make total and complete sense and, in essence, provides us with the very source of abundance that we are all looking for.

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