How to Use ‘Education Marketing’ the Right Way in Your Facebook Posts, Webinars and Your Emails to Win You Your Dream Clients, Build a 6-Figure Consulting Business and Get Invited to Speak Around the World!

How to Use ‘Education Marketing’ the Right Way in Your Facebook Posts, Webinars and Your Emails to Win You Your Dream Clients, Build a 6-Figure Consulting Business and Get Invited to Speak Around the World!

Recently I’ve had a lot of conversations and one question always come up:

Why don’t I post so often and hold webinars every week, like all the other business ‘coaches’ out there – if it works so well, why am I not doing it so much and if they’re doing it so much, surely its working for them?

Let me answer this question, as it is very important and, if you follow the advice in this post, could make a big difference in your business.

I remember hearing a Jay Abraham talk in which he said that his books take 3-6 months to write and they are all comprise of his 30+ years experience in business consulting. This was an eye-opening statement for me and, quite frankly, it’s the measuring stick of what I measure each of my posts and webinars by.

I have a simple rule, if my post or webinar isn’t something that is going to revolutionize the sector that I work with and help my tribe to grow their business substantially, I will not write it.

The reason I don’t post every day is because I actually have clients I’m working with. I’m working with them to help grow their businesses and working on my own to grow my business. This is why my posts are so insightful, as they are actually based on real world business results, not ideas or theories.

One of the biggest problems that we face in our industry is people posting ideas and theories. They are a dime a dozen. It’s very easy to come up with an idea, put it into words and posts about it, however, that is not ‘Education Marketing’, that is just ‘Marketing.’

This, more importantly is why there are so many ‘business consultants’ who promise but do not deliver. They are spending so much time growing their business and making sales, that they don’t have the time to work in their business and with their clients. Due to this, they lack the experience and the practical knowledge to actually consult others to the results they are after.

This is why ‘Educational Marketing’ is so important. Whilst most people see a post as a marketing opportunity, I see it as a way to actually positively impact the marketplace. Thankfully, more and more are seeing it this way and, as a result, this is starting to become the norm.

There are two very different mindsets when it comes to marketing:

  • The Immediate Result Method
  • The Evergreen Result Method

Most follow the immediate result method. They post today, hoping to get a few leads today, they host a webinar today, hoping to get a few sales today. As this is a very disposable method, there is not much thought, research or effort put into it.

I, however, prefer the Evergreen Result method – whereby something I post is of such high quality that it is still referred and read months and years down the line. In fact, my goal with a webinar is I want it to be something the attendee will never forget, my goal with a post is to make it so powerful that there is one idea that sticks with them forever.

This is the reason, I don’t post every day, as when I do post, it needs to have that impact and to get that impact, I need to have the experience, the examples and the situations that give my posts and webinars the fuel they need to become ‘super’.

Ultimately, the irony is that I probably get more from one post than most get from a year of posting every day. I get more from one webinar than most get from a dozen webinars. Both the quality and quantity is better in both cases.

If you are looking to attract quality clients, you can only do that with quality marketing. If you are wanting premium clients, you can only do that with content that positions you as the authority. If it takes you longer to produce, let that be, as the rewards will be infinitely greater.

I hope that this has inspired you to no longer settle to put out average posts, average webinars and get average results with average clients.

I hope that its inspired you to raise your bar so that you put out the quality that will attract the quality clients that you desire.
If you need any help to get your marketing, strategy and webinars to that level, let me know.

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To Thy Own Self Be True – The Real Reason Why There Are So Many Unhappy and Unsuccessful Coaches and Consultants Out There (and a Few Things You Can Do Today to Change This)

To Thy Own Self Be True – The Real Reason Why There Are So Many Unhappy and Unsuccessful Coaches and Consultants Out There (and a Few Things You Can Do Today to Change This)

If I was to look back over my career since I left University, I’ve been a Marketing Manager, a Sales Person, a Website Development Broker, a Software Product Creator, a Consultant and a Business Philosopher.

Some of these positions have bought me great success, but few have really given me great satisfaction and fulfillment. In truth, it’s only the last 4 years that I have actually been doing what I love to do and, in hindsight, I wish it was more.

The reason why it was not more is because I was always trying to live out other people’s expectations and buying into the hype and pipedreams that many were selling. I spent a lot of time chasing shiny objects, even before they created the term shiny object syndrome. It took me a lot of time to realize that all that glistens is not gold and that a real business takes time, effort and investment to do well.

The biggest problem that I see in the marketplace today is that so many people are still chasing after pipedreams. The problem, however, is that these pipedreams are bigger than before, bolder than before and marketing and sold better than ever before.

This leads to a big problem. Before, someone would invest under $100 into an ecourse to learn information. $100 is not a big amount of money and if that ecourse was not as good as you thought it would be, $100 is not a big amount to lose.

Today, however, we live in the age of the coach and consultant. What used to be a $100 investment is now a multi-thousand dollar investment and, if you get this wrong, then it takes a lot of time to replenish those funds back again.

This is what gives our marketplace the biggest challenge we have ever faced. The lure of being able to charge multi-thousands of dollars is a great shiny object, it’s something that everyone wants to do, but the truth is, it’s not right for everyone.

The truth is that to be a coach or a consultant you need to be a certain type of person and have certain characteristics. You need to be patient, a good communicator, understanding and flexible. You need to support both the business growth and the personal challenges. You need to draw on your own experience to guide your clients through their challenges, which is very difficult to do if you don’t have your own experience to draw from.

If you don’t have these qualities and characteristics, coaching and consulting isn’t necessarily for you. Don’t see this as a bad thing, see it as a good thing because there are plenty more opportunities for you.

The core job of a coach or a consultant is to provide knowledge and experience to their clients. However, coaching and consulting are just two vehicles to do this and there are many other vehicles you can also use, some of which might be a better fit for you.

  • An Educator

Although many see me as a coach or a consultant, the truth is I’m an educator. The reason why my posts turn into ‘Super Posts’ is because that’s the environment I’m best suited for. My skillset is my ability to break down complex ideas and simplify them and explain them succinctly.

If you’re an educator, the best route for you would be to create courses, membership sites and run workshops.

You may feel that you want to work in the ‘high ticket’ world, but the truth is that you can earn just as much selling courses, membership sites and through running workshops – as you can doing high-level coaching and consulting.

There are countless courses that have generated over a million dollars, there are great opportunities using sites like Udemy and Groupon to help you sell your courses and it is now easier than ever before to sell your course through a webinar that converts at 10-20% versus a sales page that converts at 1-2%

  • A Sales Person

Selling high-ticket is fun, there’s no greater feeling than being there when someone makes a serious decision to transform their life.

However, the selling is the easy part. Asking someone to give you a thousand so you can help them make ten thousand is easy, actually getting that result is the harder part.

If you want to work in the ‘high ticket’ industry but don’t have the skills or experience yet to do so, work with someone who does.

One of my clients was earning minimum wage in February of this year and could sell. They didn’t yet have the skills to deliver a high-ticket solution, so they went to work for selling for someone who does.

As a result, they now are in a position where he makes at least $10k a month and by the end of the year should be closer to $30k a month, without having to worry about the delivery aspect.

  • A Service Provider

All business is an exchange of value. That value could be information. It could also be a service, such as building a website, helping with branding, SEO, lead generation etc.

If your personality is not that of a coach or a consultant, become a service provider. There are many successful offline marketers who help companies build websites, work on traffic generation, build mobile apps and all of the other assets that businesses need.

  • An Affiliate or CPA Marketer

If your skill is to drive traffic, it doesn’t mean that you also have to be the one who creates the products or services to monetize that traffic. You can be an affiliate or a CPA Marketer. You can be the one who provides the clients to others and, as a result, get a percentage of the sales.

I recently worked with an affiliate who helped me fill one of my workshops. I paid her 20% of each sale, so she got a commission of $600 for each client she sent me. It was win-win for both of us and it can be a win-win for you as well.

  • An Employee

One of my most popular posts was not one about being an entrepreneur, but being an employee.

We live in a time where everyone wants to be an entrepreneur because they assume that being an entrepreneur guarantees being successful.

The truth is that not all entrepreneurs are millionaires. Similarly, not all employees are earning minimum wage.

There are many employees who earn more than entrepreneurs. There are many employees who make a bigger difference in the lives of others than entrepreneurs.

If your personality type is one that needs security, needs stability, needs a consistent income and structure, being an employee is the perfect fit for you. Most of the world is employed by another and an employee can become very successful financially.

  • A Freelancer

If you like working with lots of people but not for a long period of time, you can also become a freelancer. I know you are probably thinking that you can’t earn a lot of money by being a freelancer, but you can.

You get paid according to the size of the problem you solve. If your service comprises of designing a logo, you won’t be paid much. If you are helping build a brand, you will be paid more.

I hope that this post has given you a lot to think about. I’ve highlighted just 6 vehicles, when in truth there are many more. The one you choose is the one that should work best for you.

If I look back over my career, the times when I was most successful and happiest (there is a correlation – the happier you are, the more successful you will be) was when I was being true to myself and being an educator.

The reason why is simple, your brain is designed to protect you from pain. Doing something you don’t enjoy doing is pain. Doing something that doesn’t fulfill you is pain. Doing something that is against your natural personality is pain.

Very soon, your brain will start to sabotage your success. It will prevent you from growing your business as growing your business means doing more of what you don’t really want to do.

No amount of coaching, marketing or consulting can solve this. No one can teach you to do what your brain doesn’t really want you to do.

Therefore, find yourself, be true to yourself, work in harmony with who you are, to thy own self be true.

When you do, there will be no glass ceilings, as these are created only by your mind to stop you getting to that next level and more pain. When you do, you will wake up looking forward to the day, your success will come naturally as there’ll be no resistance from yourself along the way.

We live in the greatest time in history, when we can earn a good life doing anything WE want? Why waste that opportunity by living the pipedreams of someone else?

Wishing you great success in being true to yourself, in following your own path, in turning your attention inward and in trusting your instincts above any other hyped up sales and marketing message out there.

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How to Attract 234 Targeted Prospects to Your Website with an FB Super Post in Under 7 Days (and How a 1 Hour Writing Sprint at 3 AM on a Wednesday Morning Earned Me My Dream Client)

How to Attract 234 Targeted Prospects to Your Website with an FB Super Post in Under 7 Days (and How a 1 Hour Writing Sprint at 3 AM on a Wednesday Morning Earned Me My Dream Client)

A ‘wantrepreneur’ wants to make money whilst they sleep. An ‘entrepreneur’ makes money whilst others are sleeping. A ‘wantrepreneur’ dreams of dream clients, an ‘entrepreneur’ works with them whilst everyone else is dreaming of working with them!

Last Wednesday morning at 3 AM, I wanted to sleep, but instead I felt compelled to write a ‘Super Post’. This morning, just under a week later, I was looking through the stats of how many people went to the specific page that I set-up for that post and watched the video on that page. The answer is 234 – that’s 234 laser targeted, pre-qualified people who fit my ideal avatar who came to my site looking for more information – and my cost was just 1 hour of my time and zero cents in ad spend!

In this post, I want to walk you through the process of how I achieved this result, so that you can do so as well.

I speak to people on a daily basis who ask me the same question, how do I attract the right prospects? Today, I want to tell you to forget about how to attract the right prospect, I want you to be able to attracts 100’s of the right prospects!

Step 1: Know Your Ideal Client As Well As You Know Yourself

Whenever I write a piece of content, an email, shoot a video or post a ‘super post’ I have one goal in my mind. When one of my ideal prospects reads it, I want them to think ‘Wow, I needed this, it has solved me solve a problem I’ve had for a while so clearly, where has this guy been all my life!’

This is the reason my posts have such a great result, because of the high expectations I have from them before I even begin writing them. If I don’t think it can be a ‘Super Post’ that really positions me as an authority, I don’t even consider writing it (as in my eyes one bad post can dismantle all the positioning of 10+ ‘super posts’.

Now, you are probably wondering how do you achieve this same level of influence with your ‘super posts.’ The answer is simple, know your ideal client as well as you know yourself.

I have an ideal client called Norris. I actually have his picture printed out on my desk and every time I write something, I ask what would Norris think of this? Would it influence Norris? Would it inspire Norris? Would it cause Norris to take action?

Once I know it will, I just trust that there are a lot of Norris’ out there and my ‘super post’ will impact them just as much as it would Norris.

Writing is all about building rapport and the best way to build rapport is when your story that you are telling in your ‘super post’ matches the story that your ideal client has in their mind. This is what leads to someone who has never met you to trust you enough to give you some of their time to read your words and enter into your sales process.

If you’re writing to many, no one will be impacted by your ‘super posts’, if you’re writing to one, many will read it as if you were writing just for them.

Step 2: Solve a Problem with Your ‘Super Post’

All business is about solving problems. Your ‘super post’ should be designed to solve one problem VERY WELL, as if it can do that, your audience will come to you to solve the next problem and the problem after that and the problem after that (becoming a client along the way).

Each ‘Super Post’ I write solves a problem. Many would say that if I post too much, I’ll run out of problems. Have you ever met anyone who has no problems?!

The best problems to help others solve are the problems you’ve solved yourself. The best problems to write a ‘super post’ about are the problems you’ve solved recently, with the hope that your Norris also has that same problem at the moment.

Step 3: Don’t be too salesy in your ‘Super Post’

Sales is a disqualification process. I could easily have got thousands of anyone to my page from my super post, but its better to get hundreds of Norris’ than thousands of anyone.

In my ‘Super Posts’ the links to the page and video I made weren’t the first thing you would see, you’d find them only after you’ve read it. This meant that only people who were serious enough to read my ‘Super Post’ would even see the link, let alone visit the page.

Always remember that your ‘Super Post’ is there to position you, not to sell for you. This is what leads to the most effective results afterwards.

Step 4: You need a structure and system to manage what happens after your ‘Super Post’

There’s no point in writing a ‘Super Post’ if you don’t turn readers into prospects calls and commenters into clients. This is the one area where so many people fail.

Building an audience is important as that’s your tribe. However, if you do not have a product or service for your tribe, your posts will be posts, not ‘super posts’.

Therefore, it’s crucial to think about what happens after someone reads your ‘super post’ – as the first questions someone always has when they read great content is ‘what do I do next?’ If you don’t answer that and give them the right vehicle, nothing will happen next. If you do have the right structure and system in place, what you offer your client will be the next logical step in their journey and it will be something they’ll want to take up to solve the next bigger problem they’ll face in their business.

Now that you know the 4 steps you need to have a successful ‘super post’, which of these 4 do you have in place? Which do you not have? Which will you make it a requirement to have soon?

As you’ve seen, the right ‘super post’ can flood your business with hundreds of the right prospects. It doesn’t take long to write the post. You don’t need a huge marketing budget. You do, however, need the right strategy. If you need help with getting that strategy right, just let me know.

Good luck with your next ‘Super Post’.

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How a Friday Afternoon Coffee Meeting Turned into a $10k+ Super Post (and the Best Complimentary Training on how to Win Clients from FB you’ll ever find)

How a Friday Afternoon Coffee Meeting Turned into a $10k+ Super Post (and the Best Complimentary Training on how to Win Clients from FB you’ll ever find)

When you can do something for yourself you’re an expert, when you can show someone else how to do something just as effectively, you’re an authority!

Last Friday, I met a client for coffee and we were discussing business and generating leads. As we initially connected through one of my FB Super Posts, the conversation soon turned to that and, more importantly, how they could replicate that in their business.

Normally, I would have just explained my strategy but, as he lived only a few minutes away, we decided to do something even more daring! We decided that I’d write a Super Post in front of him, talking him through my thought process as I wrote each of the 5 sections of the Super Post and the psychology and strategy behind each (which I teach in the training video you’ll soon be watching).

This was something that I had never done before, as for me, writing is a very engaged and spiritual practice, it’s where I’m connected purely to source as my words come through me, more than from me.

However, after I’d finished speaking through the different phases of the Super Post to my client, they showed me their notes and I realized that we had a great basis for a system.

Fast forward a hectic weekend of wedding events later – and I’ve now got that system ready for you. I’ve shot a specific training video that covers what they are and the essence of what I taught my client about writing a Super Post.

In essence, I’ve tried to recreate what I told my client that afternoon.

Now, you are probably wondering if you can write a $10k+ Super Post (as after all, why would you want to spend thousands and thousands on ads and complicated campaigns or hours and hours prospecting when an FB post that you might take you up to an hour to write can get you all the leads you need to earn at least $10k+ from each of your posts, that you can post whenever you need to).

The answer is a resounding yes!

This was my client’s first super post and he’s already generated a handful of highly targeted leads from his post. He’s even had someone ask him for his blog details (which is gold-dust as this means he’s already got a loyal following!).

We’re confident that he will generate at least one client from the leads he has, which means his first properly structured post will earn him in thousands. Not bad for his Tuesday’s morning work and his first attempt at writing a Super Post.

I’m confident that if you follow the steps I’ve outlined in this training, you can achieve the same results.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the training:

  • The 5 phases of a Super Post – how to actually structure your Super Post
  • The Stop Them in Tracks Title – how to write a title that stops your ideal prospect from scrolling down their time line and HAVING to read your post
  • The Set the Stage with Social Proof – how to make sure your audience knows that you and your advice is instantly credible (this is especially important if you don’t yet have a following and authority positioning and will ensure you’ll get more from your first Super Post than most experienced posters get from their posts)
  • The Wow-with Information = Want You for Results content – how to structure your content so that your ideas become the star of the show and your information is so good that the right prospect has no choice other than to hire you for the results they are after
  • The Mindset Knock-Out Punch – a normal post is advice, a Super Post is transformation! How to take your post from just something your ideal prospect reads to something they have to apply and, more importantly, need you to help them to get the result from that application
  • The Call to Action that Leads to Action – most calls to action are badly structured and lead to inaction! However, this formula will ensure it leads to action instead!
  • One little bonus for you is this: My Super Post Collection! I’ll also give you my top 5 Super Posts (each of which have generated me at least $10k in revenue) which you can role-model and just enjoy reading!

This is a complimentary training as my goal is to help you take that first step towards writing your first Super Post!

By the way, just in case you’re wondering how that Super Post that I wrote on Friday did, it’s already lead to close to 100 leads, 2 new clients and the inspiration behind this training you’re about to enjoy!

Good luck with your Super Post!


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The Mindset behind a $10k+ Super Post (and why most people are pre-programmed to fail before they even write the first word of the $10k+ Super Post)

The Mindset behind a $10k+ Super Post (and why most people are pre-programmed to fail before they even write the first word of the $10k+ Super Post)

As someone who has been using Super Posts to generate leads and clients for nearly 2 years on FB, many people have tried to copy my Super Posts format and I’ve seen that it just hasn’t worked for them. In fact, many have even contacted me saying why is it that when you write it you get hundreds of likes and comments and when I say it I don’t even get 10!

The answer is very simple, it’s not who is saying it, it’s the mindset from which we are saying it.

In this post, I’m going to delve deep into the mindset and philosophy that goes on beneath the skin of each FB post I write. My posts are Super Posts for one simple reason, I work the right way for them to work and, by the end of this post, you’ll have the foundations of having the right mindset you need to start generating all the clients you want, need and can handle from your Super Posts.

As we’re going to go deep into the philosophy and spirituality about how I write, I’m going to call this the 10 Commandments of a Super Post (and how getting all 10 of them right should lead to a $10k+ Super Post)

COMMANDMENT 1: Serve Before Selling

Most people fail at this very first step. They try to sell first, directly on FB. The ultimate truth is simple, your ideal prospect is more likely to be on FB to watch cat videos than to spend thousands of dollars with you. FB is a SOCIAL network and the best result you can get from your FB post is not a sale but an interaction.

The goal of your Super Post should be one of 4 things:

  • To get a like
  • To get a comment
  • To get a share
  • To get a lead

The way that you can get one of these is by serving in your post. Give away as much information as you can to get one of the 4 things you want from your post and, ironically, the posts in which I have given the most have ALWAYS earned me the most!

COMMANDMENT 2: Write ONLY when You Feel Like Writing

I have a very simple rule that I tell my clients:

The emotions you feel when you are writing will be the emotions your reader experiences when they are reading.

If you are just writing a post as it’s something you have to do to earn a tick on the to-do list and is totally void of enthusiasm and passion, what emotions do you think your reader will pick up on when they read your post?

Conversely, if you’re passionate, excited, looking to deliver great value when you write your Super Post, do you not think that your reader might feel those emotions too?

From which of these 2 emotional states do you think they will take action from?

COMMANDMENT 3: The Goal of Each Line is to Ensure that Your Audience Wants to Read the Next Line

Most people ask me how long a Super Post should be. The answer is, it doesn’t matter. People will read it no matter how long it is, just as long as they enjoy reading it.

Always remember this:

  • The longest Harry Potter book is 257,045 words
  • The longest book behind the Game of Thrones series is 424,000 words

If people can read through these, they can read through your Super Post, just as long as it is interesting and engaging enough.

COMMANDMENT 4: Structure is Everything

This point proceeds on the previous point. The reason why someone reads a Harry Potter or a Song of Ice and Fire book – often in a weekend! – is because it is well structured.

A well-structured long Post will be a Super Post whilst a poorly structured short post will be a read by no one post.

As I showed in my training recently, there’s 5 keys to a well structured Super Post, which in case you missed it, I’ll post in the comments box below.

COMMANDMENT 5: Your Post Needs to be From You, Not From Someone Else

Most of business is modelling, it’s taking something from someone that works and tweaking it so that it works for you.

Whilst this works in most of business, it doesn’t work when it comes to crafting Super Posts.

This is because YOU are the reason they are reading your words, not the person who you are trying to imitate.

An authentic post will be a Super Post, a post where you try to be someone else is like a knock-off handbag that is always going to be second best compared to the original.

COMMANDMENT 6: Build a Following and they Will Follow

The formula is very simple:

  1. Be you and write authentically
  2. Provide the most amazing value in what you write
  3. People will begin to follow you
  4. Followers turn to prospects
  5. Prospects turn to clients

Most people expect to start on step 5, where they just write and get clients. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it, or, more importantly, if it was that easy, everyone would be doing this successfully.

The truth is your first Super Posts might get you clients, but it takes time to consistently have all the clients you need just from your Super Posts.

Always remember, we are building a business that serves you for years, not an overnight success that leaves you scratching your head about what to do next in the morning.


Most of my clients ask me:

  • Should I not post on YouTube?
  • Should I not post on LinkedIn?
  • Should I not tweet?

My answer is always the same:

  • Your ideal prospect most likely spends more time on FB than on YouTube
  • Your ideal prospect most likely spends more time on FB than on LinkedIn
  • Your ideal prospect most likely spends more time on FB than on Twitter

Therefore, where do you feel you’ve got the highest chance of reaching them? In most cases, the answer is FB and that’s why it’s where most of your energy should be.

COMMANDMENT 8: Your Posts Are Your Legacy

If I could remember the amount of times people have told me that ‘what you wrote in X post really changed my business and my life’… I’d probably be inclined to write more posts!

The truth is I write when I feel compelled to. I post when that urge is there to post. There’s something SUPER behind a Super Post, as it comes through me, not from me.

This is the reason it has such an effect and this why it’s my legacy. Every post I write will be there until FB is there, as long as my blog is there, always inspiring, always informing, always serving and always making a difference in people’s lives.

COMMANDMENT 9: Words are the Foundations of Beliefs

At the heart of every great belief system is words:

  • At the heart of Islam is the Quran
  • At the heart of Christianity is the Bible
  • At the heart of Judaism is the Torah
  • At the heart of Hinduism is the Bhagavat Gita
  • At the heart of Sikhims is the Guru Granth Sahib
  • At the heart of America is the Constitution

Your words have power, they can change someone’s beliefs and, through changing their beliefs, they can their lives. Never underestimate the power, the impact and the difference your words can have or the effect that your post can lead to.

If the written word is the chosen medium for God, for the Prophets, for the Sages, for the Philosopher, for the Poets, why shouldn’t it be just as powerful for you?

COMMANDMENT 10: Your Posts will Bring Back What You Put Out:


  • You think like an authority
  • Write like an authority
  • Serve like an authority
  • Interact with people like an authority
  • Believe in the impact you can make as an authority
  • Have the desire to serve like an authority

What is the only thing you can become? An authority!

Don’t authority get to choose the clients they work with, as opposed to being one of the many options their prospects can choose?

Don’t authority make the impact they have worked so hard to make?

Why would you want to be anything else?

Why would you want to go back to writing normal unread and unresponsive posts when you can now write Super Posts that allow you to serve the world in only the way you can?


Do you need help applying this to your business? If you do, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Mo Ali, the Business Philosopher.

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The Evergreen Lead System – How to Create FB Posts, Webinars and Emails that Bring You in Leads 8 Months After You Created It!

The Evergreen Lead System – How to Create FB Posts, Webinars and Emails that Bring You in Leads 8 Months After You Created It!

In life you only get one chance to make a great first impression. In business, you get MULTIPLE chances to make a LASTING impression.

In this post, I’m going to share with you the 5 steps I use to ensure that my FB Posts, Webinars and Emails CONTINUE to bring me in leads Months and Years after I have created them. In fact, just in the last week:

  • An FB post I wrote in November 2015 bought me in 5 qualified leads
  • A webinar I recorded in early 2015 bought me in a client
  • My previous FB posts (the last of which I wrote over 3 weeks ago bought me in 3 strategy calls this week)
  • One of my clients quoted a post I wrote in 2014 and said that was the reason they signed up with me

This is the power of creating a LASTING impression with your FB posts, webinars and emails – the work that you put into them ONCE continues to reward you months and years into the future.

If you are looking to win clients from FB, your webinars, your email list or your blog, these points are crucial as they will differentiate you from the rest of the market. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve looked over all of my FB posts that have each generated me over $10k each, and they have all had these 5 points in common.

Here’s the 5 points, start applying them to your FB posts, webinars, emails and blog posts and see how many more clients you will get from them:

  1. Write with a Purpose

When I first started posting on FB, I didn’t really have a strategy and my posts were based more on what I wanted to write about versus what my audience needed. The biggest difference in my results and my business came the moment I started to write with a purpose.

Before I started each of my ‘SUPER POSTS’ (a post that I classify in my business as one that’s bought me in over $10k in revenue), I looked at my own business and a recent challenge I had overcome or a success I had. I looked back at the process and figured out what I had done to overcome the challenge or the reason I had that success and tried to break down the steps that I took.

This had 2 purposes:

  • If I ever had that same challenge or wanted to replicate it again, I could easily refer back and have the formula ready for me
  • My prospective clients could also be facing the same challenge or wanting the same result and by seeing how I achieved the result I wanted, would want to contact me to help them get the same result

The first thing that all of my ‘Super Posts’ have in common is that they all provide a solution to a problem and there is a REAL tangible benefit for solving it.

  1. Give away as MUCH Information as Possible

One of the reasons I’m seen as an authority in my marketplace is because of the quality and completeness of the information I give away. When I first started out, I was scared to do this, thinking that if I gave away too much information, my prospects would have all they need and be able to take that information and run with it.

Since I started writing ‘Super Posts’ the opposite has proven to be true. The posts in which I give away the MOST INFORMATION are the ones that earn me the MOST REVENUE. This is because I see my FB posts as my shop window, my chance to wow my prospects with what I know.

The truth is that your real prospects aren’t looking for information, they’re looking for results and your information is what will validate to them that you can get your results.

  1. Structure your ideas

All of my ‘Super Posts’ had one key thing in common, they were all structured. As a result of this structure:

  • It made it easier for me to write
  • It made it easier for my audience to follow
  • It made it easier for my audience to find that one KEY idea that made them think I need to talk to this guy!

We live in an age of overwhelm where most of your target audience are confused and overwhelmed. What they are looking for is structure and simplification. If you can provide them with this structure and information, your audience will print off your posts, bookmark them, save them and – most importantly, when they need them, refer back to them.

  1. Write from your target audience’s perspective

If you want to write a ‘super post’ make sure that you write from your target audience’s perspective. One of the first things I do with my clients is really help them to understand who their target audience is using my Personality Quadrant Matrix. By understanding the core needs and characteristics they have, they can then really tap into the emotions of their audience, not just their logic.

The truth is that logic will get you likes and comments but emotion will get you clients. This is because our emotional mind is 5 times larger than our logical brain and emotions are what cause us to take action on what we read.

It’s crucial that your ‘Super Post’ gets your audience to take action by tapping into their emotions, as this is what will ensure they read your post and remember it!

  1. Focus on Quality not Quantity

There are countless marketers who are posting daily on Facebook and those posts might get likes and comments, but they don’t get them clients, which is the very reason why they are posting so often!

Instead of writing 10 posts, write one ‘Super Post’!

After all, a ‘Super Post’ is one that brings you in more revenue than multiple normal posts and, more importantly, it’s one that continues to bring you in leads, prospects and clients months and years after you have created it.

Focus on quality, when you write your next post, spend that little extra time to make it a ‘Super post’. When you write that next email, spend that little extra time to make it a ‘Super email’. When you create that next webinar, spend that little extra time to make it a ‘Super Webinar.’

By investing a little extra time once, you actually save yourself so much more time down the line!

Now that you have the 5 characteristics of a ‘Super Post’ go out and create your ‘Super Post!’ If you need any help or advice on that, just let me know.

Good luck!

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The Anatomy of a $10k FB Post (and How I Used One to Generate 72 Hot Leads and $10k Revenue in 48 Hours)

The Anatomy of a $10k FB Post (and How I Used One to Generate 72 Hot Leads and $10k Revenue in 48 Hours)

One of the most effective ways to get the right quality leads for your business is through a well thought out strategic FB Post. In this post, I’m going to share you with how I structure my FB posts and how a recent post of mine generated 72 hot leads and $10k+ in revenue in just 48 hours.

Before I begin though, I want to emphasise how important FB posts are. Most of the premium clients I serve come to me not through ads but through my FB posts. The reason is simple, most don’t have the time to go through ads and funnels. However, if they see an FB post that immediately solves a problem they are having and delivers value to them, they will connect with me, we will have a call and I will close them. This is because it’s easier to sell to someone who is already pre-sold (through an FB post) than to sell to someone who is cold (through an ad).

Now that you understand the importance and the impact an FB post has, let’s go through the 8 phases your FB post needs to have:


Your FB Post needs to focus on one problem your ideal client is having and offer them a solution to it. Before you even sit down to write your post, its crucial you know what that problem is. Spend a few minutes brainstorming and look at the problems you faced and solved because there’s a high likelihood that your ideal client is facing this same problem.


As you start to write your post, you need to make sure you quickly get your ideal client’s attention. The chances are that they are scrolling through their wall on their laptops or phone and they see your post amongst many others.

What will you have in your post that makes your post stand-out? What will stop them in their tracks? What pain words and pleasure words can you put here that will impact them like buffalo running into a watermelon?


Once your ideal client starts reading your post, they will initially have doubts about many things including your credibility, the legitimacy of your methods, the boldness of your claim and the reason you are writing the post. It’s important to overcome this challenge as this will determine if they will continue reading or not.

I have a 5 step process that I use to overcome this that works every time. I don’t have time to go through this in this post, but let me know and I can share that with you if you need.


All action occurs through excitement. Let this statement settle in because this is so crucial to your business success. All marketing is designed to attach a positive emotion to your brand or product. Your FB Post is designed to attach excitement to wanting to work with you.

Your post needs to show your ideal client a better situation than they are in now, a better option they have not yet considered, a better result than they have yet experienced.


Once you have got your ideal client excited, you now need to turn that excitement from a temporary emotion into a much stronger, much deeper belief. This is done through how well you have structured your ideas, how clear your process is and how well you express them.

These, ultimately, position you as the authority who can help your clients get from where they are to where you are, which is also where they want to be.


Now that you have your ideal clients clear that there is a method that might work for them, the excitement to want to try that method and the belief that you are the person to guide them through creating it, you now need to give them the opportunity to connect with you.

This could be through a strategy call, downloading a free report, watching a video etc.

However, as your posts become stronger, your call to action naturally becomes weaker, as your post itself becomes so compelling that your ideal clients will contact you without you even needing to ask them to!


Once you have your ideal clients contacting you, it’s crucial you have a strong offer for them. This is one of the first things my clients and I work on creating in my consulting program, as most people have a poorly structured offer that doesn’t do justice to what they can do for their prospects or, worst still, don’t understand how to effectively price their products to maximize revenue and conversions.

I have written extensively about how to structure your offer, so if you need help with that, let me know and I can send you a few posts I wrote about this.


The last, and most important aspect of turning a reader into a client and turning an FB post into a $10k+ FB post is to have knock-out sales skills. Most high-value sales are done with a lot of pressure and scarcity. The reason for this is because they are trying to take a prospect from Cold to Sold. By having a well-crafted FB Post, your audience is already Pre-Sold and you now just need to elegantly enroll them to your program, without needing to use any of the pressure and scarcity that will scare your ideal clients away.

There you have the 8-step formula to crafting a five-figure FB post. As you have seen in this post, never be afraid to give away too much information, as ultimately, as an expert and authority, your clients will not be hiring you for information, but for implementation and results.

Furthermore, I strongly believe that the more you give, the more you are rewarded with. By giving truly transformational information in your posts, you will be mentioned in books, quoted on blogs, asked to be on radio, TV and podcast shows and have leading industry experts want to hire you at the prices you quote them (which has all happened to me).

Good luck with your FB post and if you need any help in crafting it, just let me know.

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The 5 Secrets to a $16k Day (and the Essential Elements that You Need to Take Your Business to the Next Level)

The 5 Secrets to a $16k Day (and the Essential Elements that You Need to Take Your Business to the Next Level)

Today, one of my clients had a $16k day and the reason for her success is that she’s been following our strategy to a tee. For most people, a $16k day would seem a long way away, but I can guarantee you that with the right strategy, the right implementation and the right mindset it’s a lot easier to do than you can imagine.

In order to inspire you, I’ve broken down some of the things you need to do to have consistent five-figure days in your business.

  1. It’s all about mindset

It’s important that we start with the absolute basics – which is that when we are born, we do not have any limits. All limitations are man-made. Big and small is a perspective we develop. Difficult and easy is a perspective we develop. The beauty is that just as easy as we have learned this, we can unlearn it.

One of the first things you need to do is to remove these limits as these are the mental ceilings in your business. Your mind might be limited to $100 per day, $1,000 per day, $5,000 per day etc. Get used to the idea that you can remove these limitations just as easy as you created them. The minute you start to remove these mental ceilings, the limits you have put on yourself will be lifted and your thoughts, actions and behaviors will take you to that next level.

  1. Structure is king

The reason why most businesses struggle is a lack of structure. There are 4 key things you need to structure: Your offer, your time, your deliverables and your client avatar.

One of the reasons why my client had a $16k day is because we structured her offers very effectively. From 3 calls, she had 2 x $3k sales and 1 x $10k sale. The reason for her conversions being so high is because her offer is so strong. Most people think they need to do be great sales people to make sales. What’s more important is to have an offer that sells itself.

Once you combine this with structuring the other aspects I mentioned, your business can grow to exactly as much as you want it to.

  1. Your business is an extension of you

Think about this for a second as it’s very powerful. If you are unfocused, unclear of your objectives, don’t know your numbers, lack self-discipline and don’t have the right mindset – don’t you think your business will struggle? Similarly, if you’re focused, energized, passionate, determined and on point with everything you do – your business will be exactly the same.

The reason why so many businesses fail in the first year and why business seems so hard isn’t to do with the business, but the people in the business. Success comes from inside out which means that it’s entirely in your control to have successful you and your business will become.

  1. Knowing your client avatar is crucial

The goal of any business should be this: When their ideal client hears about you they should think ‘where have you been my whole life!’ The truth is that this emotion is very easy to achieve if you just go deep and try to understand their needs.

One of the first things I do with my clients is go through the psychology behind the 4 different client avatars. From this, we immediately know which one we are targeting and can craft every message, every call, every program to them – so that they have that magic feeling that this was created just for them and can’t wait to work with you more and more.

  1. The second sale is 10 times easier than the first sale and the third sale is 10 times easier than the second!

The hardest part of sales is getting someone to open their wallet the first time. This is when you need to win their trust, their confidence and change the limiting beliefs.

The second sale is much easier as you have already helped them to achieve a result – you don’t need to convince them, just show them that you can help them get to the next goal that they have.

The third sale is even easier as now your client not only has trust but momentum. As they have more trust and momentum, they can and will be able to invest more to work at a deeper level to solve bigger problems they face and to get them further than they want to be.

Most businesses focus just on the first sale – which is often the lowest value. Instead, focus on going deeper with clients instead of always looking for more clients. 2 of the 3 sales I mentioned were second purchases and were incredibly easy to convert because of this.

These 5 secrets are crucial to your business success. They will help you get your business to the next level and if you would like me to help you implement any of them, just let me know.

Good luck with achieving your biggest day in your business so far!

Mo Ali
The Business Philosopher

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The Abundant Client Mindset and How Understanding This Helped Me to Easily Attract 2 Premium Clients with ZERO Effort

The Abundant Client Mindset and How Understanding This Helped Me to Easily Attract 2 Premium Clients with ZERO Effort

One of the questions that I get asked the most is how do I attract clients? The answer is very simple, you need to understand their mindset.

There are 2 mindsets:

  • The Scarcity Mindset
  • The Abundant Mindset

People who operate from a scarcity mindset are hoarders. When they find something of great value, they will try to keep it to themselves, in fear that by sharing it, they will lose it.

People who operate from an abundant mindset are sharers and when they find something of great value, they will share it with others as their core belief is that the more you give, the more you get.

The fact is very simple, most of your premium clients will have abundant mindsets. What this means is that if you focus on giving them enough value and helping them achieve their goals, they will tell everyone about you and give you the best leads of all, referral leads.

Let me share with you a couple of ways that I apply this strategy, so that you can too:

  1. The Business Card Method

I was recently in Dubai to meet a client. During that meeting, another gentleman walked in, looking for another event that was running in the building. We both started talking and I gave him some advice for his business.

After about 30 minutes, I we both needed to leave, so I gave him TWO business cards. One was for him and one was in case he met someone who might need my services.

A couple of weeks later, back in London, I received an unrecognisedWhatsapp message asking if we could have a call. We had a call and I signed up the gentleman as a client. When I asked him how he found out about me, he told me it was from the gentleman I had given two business cards to.

The better news is that client more than covered my trip to Dubai and meant I got to enjoy a free holiday as a result!

I’m a strong believer that when you are aligned with what you do, the right people, circumstances and chain of events will happen to get you the desired result that you are looking for.

  1. The Help without Asking for Reward Method

I recently had a call with a well-respected entrepreneur who I do a lot of work with. I helped him with a few questions he had and just focused on serving.

I genuinely did not expect anything back, we have a great working relationship and to me, helping him is always a pleasure.

However, he was kind enough to, out of his own accord, post a nice message and tag me in it. As a result of this, a gentleman requested a call with me and I signed him up as a client.

This gentleman is one of the hardest working and ideal clients anyone could ask for, lives near the Himalayas in India and also knew a couple more clients, who gave him the added proof to invest a large amount of money with me for one of my programs.

Once again, the chain of events is difficult to comprehend logically, I was in London, I had a Skype call with a gentleman in LA who posted about me and a gentleman near the Himalayas saw that post and signed up with me. You couldn’t imagine this happening, but when you’re aligned and working with abundant minded-clients, these things happen.

I hope that these two ideas have helped you to give you a few ideas about how easy it is to attract the right clients. My purpose for writing this is to prove to you that you don’t need to feel overwhelmed with creating complex ad campaigns and funnels – there are so many ways to find clients and, better still, for your prospects to find you – all you need is to have the right mindset, look for people with the right mindset and deliver them value. Once you have provided them with value, they will tell the world about you – quite literally!

Good luck with attracting your dream clients.

Mo Ali
The Business Philosopher


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The Difference Between a $3k Offer and a $30k Offer (The 8 S’s that Ensure Your Clients Love Your Highest Offers and Get Great Value from Them!)

The Difference Between a $3k Offer and a $30k Offer (The 8 S’s that Ensure Your Clients Love Your Highest Offers and Get Great Value from Them!)

One of the biggest questions I was asked about yesterday’s post was:

‘How do I structure an offer that I can charge $30k for and how is it different to a $3k offer.’

Whenever I structure an offer, I always focus on the 8 S’s. In order to have a $25k+ offer, it is important that you have all 8 of these S’s in place, otherwise your clients will not be satisfied with working with you.

  1. Stakeholder

When someone is investing $25k+ with you, it’s important that you start to treat their business as if it is part of their own. This does not mean a financial investment, it means an emotional investment. The coaching and consulting market has recently become flooded with people who want to charge ‘high-ticket’ and their claim is that the reason they charge high-ticket is so that their clients have ‘skin in the game.’ I totally agree with that, your client needs to have skin in the game.

However, what is even more important is that you too need to have just as much ‘skin in the game’. This, can only be done if you become a stakeholder in your client’s business and care for their business as much as you care for your own, especially when they are investing so much of their time, money and, most importantly, belief, in you.

  1. Strategy

As a coach or a consultant, you are ultimately a mentor. The reason you are a mentor is because you are guiding your clients on a path that you have walked, either by yourself and through your own experience, or by guiding others along that path and experiencing it with them. You know the journey your clients need to take and can use that experience to save your clients both time and money, so that they can achieve their goal quicker and easier.

The strategy that you provide is the roadmap that they will follow. It is important that this strategy is well thought-out, as a wrong turn at the start can lead to bigger problems down the road.

  1. Structure

Whilst strategy is the roadmap, structure is what ensures that you stay on the roadmap that you have laid out. Strategy is the longer journey and structure is the small daily journeys that need to be taken to ensure the longer journey is completed.

There are 4 things that are important to have structured correctly – your client’s offer, your client’s time, your client’s cash flow and revenue and, most importantly, your client’s deliverables. If you can help your client to structure these 4 things, then your strategy will be successfully completed.

  1. Skill Sets

In order for a client to invest $30k in you, it is essential that you are top of your game. You need to ensure that your skillset is world class.

My first webinar client paid me $500. I slowly worked at improving my webinar skills and, with it, my prices, so that I am at the level I am today. It took me hundreds of projects and hundreds of hours of work to master my skill set.

Before you can charge a $30k premium, you need to ensure that you are at a world-class level. If you are not yet there, do not worry, just work hard until you are. This is the biggest advantage you have, most of your competition will start at something and then jump on to the next trend. If you can stick with mastering one skill, you will find that there are very few who you will end up competing with.

  1. Support

Most coaches and consultants are there for their clients when everything is going well. However, the minute a payment is delayed or a problem arises, they will pause the program until it is resolved.

When someone is investing so much with you, it is your responsibility to be there with them through the good and the bad. I recently had a client who couldn’t pay me and would have to delay her payment for a week. I could have simply said, let’s push our call back until you can. Instead, I spent twice as long with her to help her to get to a situation where her problems were resolved.

When you charge such a high premium, you need to respect that your clients will have problems. It is important that you are there with them through them, especially when they are paying you such a premium price.

  1. Solutions

Business is all about problems and solutions. Your clients will have problems and you will need to help them to find solutions. If you can find the solution, that is perfect, if not, you need to help them find someone who has the solutions.

Life would be very simple if everything followed a curriculum and a plan. If would be great if your client had a cash flow issue in week 6 when you teach the module about cash flow. Or if they needed a VA in week 9 where you teach about outsourcing.


The truth is, they might need a VA much quicker. They may not have a cash flow issue to week 12. It’s important that you focus your delivery around solving the problems your client has and not the agenda you have written out for them.

  1. Success

None of the other 6 previously mentioned S’s have any value unless this 7th S is met. Your client, ultimately, needs to be having success and having a positive ROI from their investment with you.

Therefore, it’s important that you know your KPIs and your numbers, that you have clearly defined goals and a strategy that ensures that the KPIs stay at the level you want them to be at.

The reason my clients pay me is because within the first quarter of working with me, I’ve usually helped them to increase their revenue by 300-400%. The only reason we get such great results is because we let our numbers do the talking. We don’t blame Google algorithm changes or a change in the way FB ads work, the responsibility that the KPIs are met lies with you, if you want to charge such a premium.

  1. Smile

Of course, none of any of the other 7 S’s matter unless you’re not having fun and enjoying your business. We create a business to serve us, not that so we become a servant to our business. By working with a smile, with people we enjoy, making a difference in the lives of people that we respect and want to do well is, ultimately, worth more than the $30k or whichever amount they pay you.

There you have it, these are the 8 S’s you need to give your client if you want to charge them $30k+. It’s important to structure your program and your deliverables so that these are all incorporated in your offer.

Good luck with landing the clients that will really transform your business and your life!


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