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How to Create the Buzz of an Apple Launch on Your Webinar


We’ve all seen the queues that happen whenever Apple launches a new version of the iPhone and the buzz that it gets. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to achieve that same buzz around your webinar? Fortunately, it’s not very difficult to do and in this post I’m going
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How to ACTUALLY get Results for Your Clients:


As Information Marketers, our industry is blighted with high refund rates and some products can have refund rates of up to 50%. As entrepreneurs with integrity, this is not something that sits comfortably with us and the main questions are: – How can we reduce those refund rates, so that
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Penthouse Selling (How to Attract High Paying Clients)


Every business should have what I call a ‘Penthouse’ offer available. A penthouse offer is an exclusive offer that is available only to a certain type of client and, as a result, is extremely lucrative. More importantly, the reason why it’s called a Penthouse offer is because its fairly easy
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The Webinar Attendee Avatar:


The most common reason why webinars do not convert is because the webinar creator has not identified the right webinar attendee avatar or, in most cases, doesn’t even know that there are 4 key webinar attendee avatars to begin with. (An avatar is essentially the personality type that the majority
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How to make your Webinar as Popular (and Successful) as Game of Thrones:


Whilst talking to a client today, I shared with them the different 2 types of webinar: 1) The Discovery Channel documentary type webinar where you TEACH rather than inspires – and like a Discovery Channel documentary, you get a lot of praise and kudos for sharing such great knowledge, but
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