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Reflections at 12,500!

Today’s a big milestone for me as it marks my 12,500th day alive! Most people count the years, but I love counting the days, as my belief is each day is precious and any day that we are living, loving and giving is something to be grateful for.

I’d like to share with you some of the most important lessons I’ve learned, as I believe that sharing knowledge with others is the greatest gift of all.

1) Life’s short enough and long – Some people say that life’s too short and others who suffer say it’s too long. It’s neither, it’s just perfect as it is and we have plenty of time to make a difference and leave our mark on this earth.

2) Everyone can teach us something – Life’s about learning and people are our greatest teachers. Everyone has a wealth of experience (their true wealth) and has something to teach us.

3) We reap what we sow – When we don’t have enough, we often look at our situations and feel its unfair. The truth is that if we have a lack, we have not given enough to begin with – as giving and service always comes before receiving and reward.

4) Good attracts good, bad attracts bad – Always focus on doing good and you will always get good back. Only focus on what you are putting out as you always get that returned many folds.

5) It’s not about the money – Money is good, it’s a tool to do good with and what we need to provide for ourselves. We often worry about money, but there’s always enough to pay the next bill, find the right food etc. We need a lot less to live on than we think we do.

6) Helping people is the greatest reward – It doesn’t matter how much you help someone, just helping them is enough. Sometimes a smile or a supportive word is all they need.

7) There’s no need to worry about what other people think – The opinions of people change like the weather, if you worry about what someone thinks, it’s like thinking a rainstorm will never pass. If the person’s opinion won’t change, there are billions of others in this world.

8) The world is big and small – It’s small enough to see and experience in a lifetime but big enough to have a little corner we can call home.

9) Family matters – They are the glue that hold life together and when one leaves you, it’s as if the whole world falls, until you realise that those who are left are the ones holding it up.

10) Time is just an illusion – If we give something the deadline of a day, we will find a way to get it done in a day. If we give ourselves a week, it will take a week. Therefore, don’t waste time, as to waste time is to waste life unnecessarily.

11) You don’t have to be perfect – Just be you. The world is better off with an imperfect you than an imperfect someone else.

12) It’s a circle game full of beginnings and endings, hellos and goodbyes, happiness and sadness, trials and triumphs, service and reward. You may be winning one day and the next you may lose. Always keep focussed on the end, our final destination that we’re returning to that is our eternal home and realise that this world is just the womb to the next. We learn what we need here so that we’re ready for there.

13) Always look on the bright side of life – I know it’s what Monty Python say, but it’s so true I had to end it with this. Everything has a good and a bad, you’re worst situation could be someone’s dream and problems and troubles are always temporary.

Life’s such a great teacher and I have been blessed with so many great teachers. Thank-you all for being part of the first 12,500 days of my life.

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What is the difference between a poor person, a rich person and a wealthy person?

The answer is what they focus on:

Poor people think in terms of time
Rich people think in terms of money
Wealthy people think in terms of energy

Let me explain each in detail:

Poor people think in terms of time. Their main currency is time.

They ask questions like ‘How much time will this take?’, ‘How much can I earn each hour?’ ‘How else could I be spending my time?’

As time is the most limited resource we have, to think in terms of time is the most limited way to think.

Rich people think in terms of money. This is one step up from poor people as whilst our time is fixed, money can grow.

Rich people ask questions like ‘How much will this cost?’ ‘How much will it earn me?’ ‘How can I turn this into a long-term return?’ ‘What is the ROI on this?’

Wealthy people think in terms of energy. This is one step up from poor people and rich people, as whilst our time is fixed and money is available (although often not immediately), everyone has a great amount of potential energy instantly available to them.

Wealthy people ask questions like ‘Is this something I can get excited about?’ ‘Is this where my passion lies?’ ‘Does this feel right?’ ‘Is this really in line with my overall vision?’

The first step to get from poor to rich is to start thinking in terms of money instead of time. However, being rich doesn’t necessarily mean being fulfilled and happy and it is essential then to start thinking in terms of energy, as opposed to money.

The minute you start thinking in terms of energy and truly devoting your full attention and focus to any goal, you will realise how quickly time flies and how easily money comes.

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