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The difference between Low-Ticket and High-Ticket Businesses:


I was speaking to a client this morning who has just done a very big low-ticket launch and is working with me to create a high-ticket product. I gave him a simple analogy that he urged me to share with everyone: Low ticket products are like running on a treadmill
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How to make your Webinar as Popular (and Successful) as Game of Thrones:


Whilst talking to a client today, I shared with them the different 2 types of webinar: 1) The Discovery Channel documentary type webinar where you TEACH rather than inspires – and like a Discovery Channel documentary, you get a lot of praise and kudos for sharing such great knowledge, but
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On Mothers (and Fathers)…


One day, a person asked the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who he should love the most in the world. The Prophet (SAW) said ‘your mother’. The person asked the prophet who you should love second in the world. The Prophet (SAW) said ‘your mother’. The person then asked the prophet who
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The Big 5:


Today, I’d like to share a very timely Goal-Setting tip that I learned from Robin Sharma. Whenever someone goes to Africa on Safari, they are always on the lookout for the Big 5 – African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and White/Black rhinoceros. Needless to say, they will
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Reflections at 12,500!


Today’s a big milestone for me as it marks my 12,500th day alive! Most people count the years, but I love counting the days, as my belief is each day is precious and any day that we are living, loving and giving is something to be grateful for. I’d like
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What is the difference between a poor person, a rich person and a wealthy person?


The answer is what they focus on: Poor people think in terms of time Rich people think in terms of money Wealthy people think in terms of energy Let me explain each in detail: Poor people think in terms of time. Their main currency is time. They ask questions like
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