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The Risk of Building Your High-Ticket Business on Globalized Beliefs:

The Risk of Building Your High-Ticket Business on Globalized Beliefs:

Whenever I speak with a client, the first question I usually ask is:
‘Who is your target market?’
The response, in most cases, is entrepreneurs.
I then ask for an example of an entrepreneur.
‘Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg’ are the usual replies.
I then ask for an example of an employee.
‘The receptionist, the waiter at the restaurant, the secretary’ are some of the standard replies.

The problem some people have is that they have automatically made the assumption that all entrepreneurs are millionaires (and hence a good market to target high-ticket programs to). Conversely, they have also made the assumption that all employees are earning the minimum wage (or close to it) and are not a good fit for their program, as they obviously could not afford it.

The truth, however is:
– The guy running the takeaway and barely making rent is an entrepreneur
– The gardener and painting contractor working long hours just to make ends meet is an entrepreneur


– The investment banker making 7 figures a year is an employee
– The CEO of a multi-national company is an employee
Therefore, to assume that all entrepreneurs are your target market (as they have money) is just as dangerous as to assume that all employees are not your target market (because they do not have money).  entrepreneurs).

Naturally, of course, as your market expands, your reach and your leads increase and, ultimately, your business grows! Wishing you all good growth in your business.

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Getting Unstuck and Moving to the Next Level

Getting Unstuck and Moving to the Next Level:

There comes a time when we hit a plateau in our business and we want to grow but we find it hard to. The reason for this something I call the Evolution Cycle of a Business Goal. Although is applied to business, it can also be applied to any other area of our life.

The Evolution cycle of a Business Goal:

The mind, naturally, resists change as, due to our past, change meant danger and it also meant looking bad and, consequently, social expulsion.

As a result, our mind, inherently, does not want us to change and, as a result, will cause us to stay where we are and, as has been described earlier, feel stuck where we are.

It is in this situation that we need to understand the evolution cycle of a business goal – as feeling stuck means that you want to go to the next level, but the defence mechanism that is built into your brain does not want this to happen, as one of it’s main purpose is to protect you from danger through change.

It is at this point that the full evolution cycle of a Business goal is helpful, as an understanding of the process is usually more than enough to overcome this inherent lethargy that is built into our brain.

There are 4 levels of each Business goal and I will go over them using the acronym MIND to keep things as easy to understand and follow:

M = Money

When we first set out a business goal, our first objective is to make money. We have costs to cover, rewards we want to treat ourselves with, a sense of security we want to have and a lifestyle we want to live at.

However, as we progress financially, we soon reach this goal. As Bill Gates says ‘A hamburger is still a hamburger after a million dollars’ and similarly, we soon realise that we are actually living the lifestyle we desired.

At this point, money no longer becomes the primary motivation factor. We know we have it, we know we can create it easily and we know we never have to worry about it.

Just as a child outgrows a toy, we outgrow the need to have money and we move on to the second phase of the Business Goal Evolution cycle.

I = Identity

Once we have conquered the ability to earn money and have accumulated enough, success (especially financial success as it is so easily measurable) becomes a game.

This game is essentially called ‘how far can I go?’ In this game, money is no longer the objective but proving to yourself how far you can go is. This is where identity comes as we start to push our identity further and further with our financial success.

At this stage, it is about proving to yourself and pushing your own boundaries and limits. It is about winning the private victory and conquering your own financial Everest.

Once you have conquered your own Everest, the peak in your mind, you have proven to yourself and won this game. Naturally, the mind then looks for the next transition:

N = Network

Once you have proven to yourself, you then want to prove to others. We immediately see that although we have achieved our own peak, there are others who are much higher than we are.

We think to ourselves that surely there’s another Everest that he or she has conquered, let me try to conquer that.

Just as fear is inbuilt, the need for social acceptance is also built in. Our need to be seen as equal, if not superior to others, becomes evident here as we now push ourselves to new levels.

Soon, however, we realise that this is a battle we can’t win as even when are the richest on the street, we may not be the richest in the town. Even when we are the richest in the town, we can’t be the richest in the city etc.

We soon also realize that money is just money, it has no real value but that which we give it and our priorities change again.

D = Destiny

Once we have conquered our own peaks and won the acceptance and respect of others, the final phase in the evolution cycle of a business goal kicks in.

We start to think outside of ourselves and look at our impact on others. Human beings are remarkable in that we will often do more to help others than to help ourselves and, in doing so, we begin to think of our destiny or our legacy.

There are countless examples of millionaires and billionaires who have moved into philanthropy. Andrew Carnegie stated that he wanted to spend the first half of his life creating wealth and the second half of his life giving it away.

Naturally, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to reach this stage, but this is when the bigger picture comes into play and the key questions are how can I help as many as I can? What is my real passion that I can dedicate my life to? What do I want to leave this world? What do I want my legacy to be?

Whenever we are stuck, we are actually transitioning from one level to another. A part of us wants to move to the next level but a part of us wants to protect us from this new unknown territory as familiarity has become so safe. The paradox of wanting to grow but wanting to stay safe comes fully into play.

The best way to overcome this is to look at where you are transitioning to. Make that transition easy and safe. The first step to this is always awareness of the transition that you are going to make, as then your mind can begin to prepare for this transition to the next level.

One of the biggest problems we face is that we are born with unlimited potential but limited mindsets. As a result we limit our goals.

I firmly believe we should make our goals as large as possible so that instead of being limited by them, we can always grow into them.

Good luck with your transitioning!

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How to ACTUALLY get Results for Your Clients

How to ACTUALLY get Results for Your Clients:

As Information Marketers, our industry is blighted with high refund rates and some products can have refund rates of up to 50%.

As entrepreneurs with integrity, this is not something that sits comfortably with us and the main questions are:

– How can we reduce those refund rates, so that we get to keep more sales in the long-run
– How can we improve our products so that we don’t incur such high refund rates
– How can we make our products so great that our clients either refer more people to us or sign up to our higher level programs or masterminds, due to the results they have already got.

In order to do this, it is important to understand that there are 3 levels of education. These are:

– Information Education
– Motivation Education
– Transformation Education

In order to explain this, let’s talk use a metaphor of a father teaching his child how to ride a bike.

In Information Education, the father is simply telling their child how to do it.

He is saying to sit on the seat, hold on to the bicycle handle and peddle.

Now, what is the likelihood of the child learning how to ride a bike from that?

What is the likelihood of your clients having success with just instructions? Obviously, it is unlikely, which means they will refund.

Now, let’s assume that the child’s mother walks in and sees the father instructing the child and thinks to herself ‘this is not going to work’.

‘There’s no need to tell our child how to ride the bike because they don’t believe that it’s possible.’

The mother then uses the second form, Motivation Education.

The basis of Motivation Education is about the why and the belief that you can do it.

The mother stands on the side-lines and tells her son that they can do it, they can ride the bicycle. However, the child thinks to themselves, I want to ride it and I know I can ride it, but how can I ride it?
If you are providing Motivation Education, you are not a coach, you are a cheerleader. You are on the side-lines telling your clients they can do it and giving them the belief, but not the tools and methods to do so.

Finally, the wisest person in the house comes in, the older brother. As the older brother can relate to their young sibling better, they tell their mum and dad that they need a third approach.

The older brother says, ‘dad you are showing how to do this and mum you are showing why to do this. Why don’t we combine the two?’

This is Transformation Education, where the client does not just get the how to do it but also the why to do it and the belief that they can do it.

As Information Marketers, our job is two-fold:

1) To tell our clients what to do
2) To instil in them the new mind-set and paradigm that they can do this

Transformation Education is the tool that does both of these and, as a result, the outcome is transformation.

So, let me leave you with one important point. What is transformation, as opposed to change?

Let’s use one final example of a caterpillar. Does a caterpillar change?

Of course it does not, if it did, it would be a bigger caterpillar or a smaller caterpillar, a heavier caterpillar or a lighter caterpillar.

A caterpillar, does not change, it transforms. When a caterpillar goes into a cocoon, it does not come out a bigger caterpillar, it comes out as a butterfly. Look at that butterfly and you will see very little caterpillar remaining.

As Transformational Information Marketers, our goal is to create programs that act as a cocoon, that our clients enter as caterpillars and leave as butterflies. Our goal should be to not just change or improve, but to transform.

The only way to do this is with Transformational Education and, as a result, the next time your client needs to transform to the next level or knows someone who also needs to transform, they will come to you first.

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Month of Ramadan

As over a billion people are observing the month of Ramadan, I thought I’d share some spiritual significance regarding this month, as, after all, we may share different beliefs, but we share the same spirituality.

Just a child is born in the 9th month of pregnancy, Ramadan is the 9th month of the Muslim Calendar and is the month of Re-birth.

We are re-born on 4 levels, an internal level, an external level, a social level and a spiritual level.

Internal Re-birth:

Whereas every other month of the year is about external muscle and resource, where we use our body and external fuel, Ramadan is a month in which we really appreciate what we have inside us, our will power, our resoluteness, our commitment and our ability to transcend the needs of our body, which we find can still function and equip itself just as well. Ramadan is a month of inner re-birth and, through this, the foundation of outer re-birth is laid, as private (inner) victory always proceeds public (outer victory).

External Re-birth:

Only when we have conquered our internal world and have the ability to fully harness our internal capacity, can external re-birth be possible. Just as a plant needs to develop its roots below ground before it can grow above the surface, likewise, external success can only come when our internal root system is developed.

Ramadan is the month in which this root system is developed. We literally shut-off from external influence (food, drink, negative habits and negative talk) so that the focus remain internal, on developing those capacities of will-power, endurance and resourcefulness that will be so crucial for our ahead.

Social Re-birth:

Ramadan is a month of Social Re-birth as it is an opportunity to see everyone as they are once again. Just as on Hajj, everyone dresses the same regardless of status and wealth, Ramadan reminds us that we all share the same human needs, of food and water, of warmth and security.

The feeling of relief when you break your fast is universal, whether a king is breaking their fast or a slave is breaking their fast and this appreciation that we are all the same and have the same basic needs, and the actual experience of this, ensures that we leave this month of Ramadan with a much more balanced viewpoint of everyone else.

Spiritual Re-birth:

Lastly, on the most important level, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that this world is just the womb for the next world, our final world, our permanent home.

The Holy Month of Ramadan, the 9th month of the Muslim calendar and is Allah’s month and it is a reminder to us that just as we were born in the 9th month, our creator, without whom we could not be born, is the one whom we dedicate the 9th month of our year to.

We hold firmly the belief that just as we were born into this world in the 9th month, Allah will, after our death, raise us to heaven as we leave this womb (our temporary home) and move towards our real home.

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Meditation on Work

“Work, and thou canst not escape the reward: whether thy work be fine or coarse, planting corn or writing epics, so only it be honest work, done to thine own approbation, it shall earn a reward to the senses as well as to the thought: no matter how often defeated, you are born to victory. The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Finding work is easy, however, finding the right work takes real hard work!

The right work gives us energy, it fulfils us, it inspires us, it causes us to grow and it sets on the path that we were meant to follow. It aligns us with our purpose and when we live on purpose, everything happens purposefully and miracles happen all around us.

The right work rewards us so abundantly that we forget about money. It is through forgetting about money that we realise we now have more of it than we ever could have imagined. We work for the work and trust that will be rewarded abundantly.

The right work is the highest prayer. We are no longer asking our creator for strength, but through our work we are delivering our creator’s strength. Just by being able to perform your right work, you know that your greatest prayer has already been answered.

The right work is never done in fear. It flows from abundance and is timeless. Everything that is needed in order to perform the right work appears and, more importantly, appears at the right time.

The right work is not concerned with monetary or earthly success, for mastery and legacy are within its realm. The right work will outlive you and outlive your children and your children’s children.

The right work is the true work. It is your truth. It is your expression and your voice. It is your thoughts alive and your dreams shown in the light of day.

The right work is only reserved for a few who have worked hard to find it. Through asking, through trusting, through knowing, the right work has been found and, once found, is a treasure that can never be lost, a secret that can never be forgotten.

The right work is not just a reward, it is the very essence of life. It is our soul’s heartbeat. It is our spirit’s oxygen. Without it, we cannot have truly lived.

Dedicate your life to the right work, that which you know is your true calling. Do not be tempted by the false promises that others have made nor see someone else’s journey as your own. Your right work is work that only you can do.

Find your right work whilst you still have the time and strength to perform it. Ask and you will know what it is. Trust it is for you. Only then will you never have to work again.

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Meditation on Mindset

Our mindset is the seed of all success.

If you give 3 people the same idea, one person may do nothing with it, one person may do something with it but stop before they reach success and the last person may take that one idea, see its potential, create a strategy, execute that plan and turn it into a success.

All 3 people had the same idea, the same seed. One did not plant the seed. The second planted the seed but gave up after they did not see it grow into a tree. The third planted the seed and nurtured it so that it grew into a blossoming tree, a success.

Our mindset is crucial as it helps us to plant the seed of success. Our mindset helps us to see opportunity as opposed to risk. It causes us to act from faith instead of fear. It leads us to take a calculated risk as opposed to wasting our whole life merely calculating.

Our mindset causes us to take action. Our mindset dictates whether we take the first step in faith, or simply just stand on the sides watching. It dictates whether we are a player or a spectator. It dictates whether we want to be in control of our life or whether we want our life to be controlled by others.

Our mindset affects our plan. A small mindset creates a small goal and a small plan to reach that goal. An abundant mindset creates an abundant goal and a strategic plan to reach that goal.

Our mindset affects our journey. Our mindset dictates who we allow into our journey. A limited mindset protects, hoards and resists help for every action is limited and driven by protection. A limitless mindset welcomes and embraces every opportunity and every person, for it is limitless and driven by possibility.

Our mindset affects our challenges. To a limited mindset, a small challenge is a mountain too high to climb. To an abundant mindset, even the largest obstacle is just merely a stepping stone.

Our mindset affects our destination. A limited mindset will cause us to stagnate and to regress, each day is a day wasted, a step further from our dreams. An abundant mindset is the source of all growth, each day is lived abundantly and is a giant leap towards our goals.

Our mindset is everything. It is the seed of opportunity, the fuel for persistence, the spring of motivation, the catalyst of action and the very epicentre of everything we do.

Protect your mindset to protect your life. Grow your mindset to change your life.

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