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Appreciation – The Paradoxical Source of Success:


The word Appreciate is, in itself, a paradox as it has two meanings: – To look at what you have and to realise that it is enough – To take what you have and to cause it to grow On a rational level, these two concepts contradict each other. On
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How to ACTUALLY get Results for Your Clients:


As Information Marketers, our industry is blighted with high refund rates and some products can have refund rates of up to 50%. As entrepreneurs with integrity, this is not something that sits comfortably with us and the main questions are: – How can we reduce those refund rates, so that
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Penthouse Selling (How to Attract High Paying Clients)


Every business should have what I call a ‘Penthouse’ offer available. A penthouse offer is an exclusive offer that is available only to a certain type of client and, as a result, is extremely lucrative. More importantly, the reason why it’s called a Penthouse offer is because its fairly easy
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The Power of Visualization (and how to visualize properly)


Everything is created twice – first in the mind and then reality. The way that we create in our mind is through visualization. From a spiritual perspective, visualization is very important because by visualizing, you are giving that idea or concept energy. Think of a goal as being a seed
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The difference between Low-Ticket and High-Ticket Businesses:


I was speaking to a client this morning who has just done a very big low-ticket launch and is working with me to create a high-ticket product. I gave him a simple analogy that he urged me to share with everyone: Low ticket products are like running on a treadmill
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How to make your Webinar as Popular (and Successful) as Game of Thrones:


Whilst talking to a client today, I shared with them the different 2 types of webinar: 1) The Discovery Channel documentary type webinar where you TEACH rather than inspires – and like a Discovery Channel documentary, you get a lot of praise and kudos for sharing such great knowledge, but
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On Mothers (and Fathers)…


One day, a person asked the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who he should love the most in the world. The Prophet (SAW) said ‘your mother’. The person asked the prophet who you should love second in the world. The Prophet (SAW) said ‘your mother’. The person then asked the prophet who
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The greatest reward is being of service:


As we start another week, we have another opportunity to serve and help others with our talents. At the end of that week, we will look at what we have received financially during that week and use that as a measure of how well that week has gone. However, is
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