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The greatest reward is being of service:

As we start another week, we have another opportunity to serve and help others with our talents.

At the end of that week, we will look at what we have received financially during that week and use that as a measure of how well that week has gone.

However, is our sales figure at the end of the week the only true measure of how well that week has gone? We all need money for surviving, but is it the only measurement in deciding if we are thriving?

One of my greatest spiritual mentors taught me that we should not give others and measure what we have given by what we receive. The very fact that they are receiving and, in doing so, giving us the gift of giving to them, is a blessing.

One of the core beliefs that I try to live by is that private victories always proceed public victories and, more importantly, private victories ALWAYS lead to public victories.

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that of all work, farming is the greatest because for each seed you plant, tens, hundreds or even thousands of fruit or vegetable will grow from that. From one apple seed, an apple tree will grow and over it’s lifetime, how many apples will come from that? He then said business is second as from that you get multiple rewards, whilst being employed is the lowest as you have literally sold your destiny for a fixed amount.

Wouldn’t be great if, at the end of the week, we didn’t just look at the sales we made, but also the people we served (the greatest service is, after all, helping someone in a way that they could never possibly repay you) and at the seeds we have planted for the future, that like the apple seed, will yield not just once or twice, but hundreds of thousands of time?

Happy planting everyone!

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