Finding the right mentor:

I am often asked why it’s important to have a mentor and I always like to give two examples:

– A baby chicken eats by pecking at the ground and finding what scraps it can. When a chicken is fully grown, it cannot fly very well and can barely get off the ground.
– An baby eagle is fed directly into its mouth by its mother. When an eagle is fully grown, it sours higher than any bird in the sky.

The difference between having a mentor is the difference between being an eagle or a chicken. You can either hope to find small pieces of information here and there or you can have the right person feed you their experience, systems and strategies directly.

In order to find the right mentor, there are a few things to consider:

M = Mindset

The most important ingredient in any good mentor is their ability to shift your mindset. Our growth is determined by our mindset and the moment our mindset grows, every aspect of our life will follow with it.

E = Energy

Everything is energy and it is crucial that there is the right energy between you and your mentor. If it feels right, it will be right. If it doesn’t feel right, find another mentor. We are often told to trust our gut feeling, but instead, trust your heart feeling as that’s the source of wisdom that will feel if the energy is right or wrong for you.

N = Now

A mentor is someone you want to be by your side through thick and thin. A great way to gauge this is by how quickly they respond to you, if they respond to you now, you can trust that they will be there for you when you need them the most.

T = Trust

A mentor is someone who you will build a strong bond with and share details that you wouldn’t normally share with others. If your mentor isn’t trustworthy, then those details that are shared with you in confidence will be shared to others. Always have a mentor you can trust.

O = Opportunity

A mentor should be someone who can see a bigger picture than you can. They should also, through experience, be able to see opportunities that you can’t see. When considering who to mentor you, make sure that they can already see new opportunities that you couldn’t, as by seeing and taking opportunities is the only way to grow.

R = Relatability

One of the most important aspects to consider is if your mentor can relate to you. Can they see what challenges you face, what issues you are having to overcome, what obstacles you need help to overcome. Unless your mentor can relate to you and your journey, then how can they help?

Having the right mentor is the fastest and simplest route to success. However, having the wrong mentor is the fastest and simplest route to failure.

Therefore, the most important decision you have to face is not should I have a mentor or not, as everyone needs a mentor, but is this the right mentor for me?

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raul - January 6, 2016

simply love the chicken – eagle example.

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