How 1% of Your Day Can Drastically Transform the Other 99% (and give you the biggest ROI ever!)

How 1% of Your Day Can Drastically Transform the Other 99% (and give you the biggest ROI ever!)

One of the biggest challenges I had when I was starting my business was the age old belief that I didn’t have time. This was something I’d picked up from social conditioning  as I’d hear everyone I knew say that they didn’t have time.

As I started to build my business, I knew I had to change this. Whenever I felt that I was getting overwhelmed or flustered, I just took out 15 minutes to reset myself and I’d be back to full productivity again.

15 Minutes! I’m sure you are all thinking I don’t have 15 minutes.The truth is we have a lot of 15 minutes a day , if we break our day into 15 minute blocks, you’ll find that 15 minutes is merely 1% of your day.This is how I got over my conditioning of the fact that I don’t have any time. I simply said to myself, am I willing to invest 1% of my day to help me double, triple of quadruple my productivity for the day?

Think of that ROI?We often hear that the best investment is in yourself , well here is the proof, put in 1% of your day and you will see double, triple or quadruple your productivity and your results.So, now you are probably wondering, how can I invest this 1% of my day? What is the best thing to do.

Well, here are 5 things I like to do that help me greatly:1. Exercise  when you exercise, then feel good  benefits of exercising can last up to 8 hours. Surely 15 minutes of exercise for the sake of feeling good through your whole work day is a great investment.

2. Meditation : Just as you start the day with breakfast for your body, meditation is the breakfast of your mind and soul. 15 minutes of meditation will set you up perfectly for the day and ensure that very little will distract you and take you off purpose

3. Prayer : I love to start my day with prayer  to remind myself that I’m a small part of a picture so big that I can’t even imagine it  and to know that any time I need guidance, support or power from my creator, Allah always delivers.

4. Healthy Food : When we take control over what we put into our body, we feel so much more alive, have so much more energy and perform so much better. Take 15 minutes to organize your food for the day, otherwise you’ll be left to the hands of the convenience food that is quick and easy in the short term but damaging in the long term

5. Gratitude : This shifts your mindset from scarcity to abundance and your outlook from reactive to creative. These 2 words are active and creative are made from the very same letters but have such different impacts in our life. Begin with gratitude to be thankful for what you have and you will live your day like a King or Queen.Now I want to challenge you, invest the next 1% of your day , the next 15 minutes  and see the impact it has on the rest of your day. Choose one of these 5 points I made or suggest your own and start enjoying the highest ROI there is!

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Murtaza - February 21, 2019

I just want to say that all of these points absolutely work. I’m a creative director by profession and a workoholic by nature. Putting in these 15 minute blocks throughout the day help me replenish my energy, keep my sanity and actually deliver consistent results without a burnout.
Great tips and a great blog Mo.

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