How I Grew My Business 300% in 2016 and Why Patience and Faith are the Most Important Characteristics of Any Entrepreneur

How I Grew My Business 300% in 2016 and Why Patience and Faith are the Most Important Characteristics of Any Entrepreneur

As a Business Philosopher, every year I spend a good amount of time in reflection, to see where I have grown, what I have done well, what my clients have done well and, most importantly, how I can incorporate this so that my tribe can benefit from this.

This year, I’ve been incredibly blessed and want to share the gems that I’ve learned, with you, over the next 4 days. This is the first of 4 points where I’m going to do as much as I can to give you the best experience, ideas and wisdom I’ve used to grow my business.

Today’s post is about, what I feel are the two most important ingredients to be a successful entrepreneur, patience and faith.

One of the first business lessons I started applying was something I learned from Stephen Covey, which is a very simple but profound statement:

‘Private victories precede public victories.’

What this means is that the hard work always comes before the reward. Unfortunately, in this age of Social Media where everyone is showing off their successes, its very easy to take this as the norm. What Social Media doesn’t show, however, is the years of hard-work, sacrifice and discipline that came before the success.

Every successful entrepreneur has faced this. I was speaking to one of my mentors today and this topic came up and together we brainstormed just some of the successful people who had to put in serious hard-work before they made it:

  • Marie Forleo struggled for 9 years before her big break
  • Tony Robbins had years where he was speaking in front of small crowds
  • Oprah worked her way up over many years from local TV to where she is
  • Wayne Dyer spent a year living in his car and driving on the road just to get his books delivered
  • The list is endless

If I look back over my career, I tried pretty much everything from selling Mobile Websites to blogs to affiliate marketing, practically everything you can imagine. Each time, I would surrender to the dream and think why is this person making this and I’m not. I’d blame the solution, instead of applying the patience I needed to make it work.

As I matured in my business and my life, I now have the discipline to be patient and to see it through, to put the hard-work before the reward, knowing and believing it will soon come.

This year, I’ve seen that happen. This is my second year in business doing what I’m doing and each day is getting easier and more rewarding, because now the private victories are turning into public ones.

If your business isn’t where you want it to be, keep remembering this phrase ‘private victories precede public victories’. Keep putting in the hard-work and believe you will get the rewards, you will do, I promise you. It’s natural law.

The second key characteristic of a successful entrepreneur is faith. One of my mentors once gave me a beautiful analogy about starting a business.

He said that when a boat goes out to sea, when it leaves the dock, it’s often swaying and wobbling in the tide. As it gets further out to sea, it settles down and soon is on a straight and calm path.

Business, and in truth, starting anything, is just like this. In the beginning, there’s the swaying and the wobbling, the uncertainty and fear.

Most are put off by this and, as a result, try something new. However, any successful business is a successful business because it has gone through the unsettling start and found its course.

This is why faith is so important. This is what gets you through the turbulence and helps you steady your ship. As Rudyard Kipling said, that ability to keep your mind whilst all around you are losing theirs is a crucial characteristic of being a successful entrepreneur, growing your company and creating your legacy.

If your year hasn’t gone as well as you expected or you’ve had mixed inconsistent results, don’t be disheartened. Use the wisdom I’ve given you and ensure that you have enough private victories, put your focus on making the next hour amazing, then the next day, then the next week, then the next month, then the next year. Once you do that, your business and your life will be amazing.

Lastly, have faith. Have faith in yourself, have faith in the value you are providing, the systems you’re building, the team that’s supporting you, the powers that are beyond you that are guiding and protecting you. Being an entrepreneur is challenging, but only a brave person can do so and give up the convenience of a normal life for the bounties of an abundant one. Your courage will be rewarded, just as long as you believe it will.

If you need any help with your private victories, just reach out and send me a message.


Until tomorrow.
Mohammed Ali
The Business Philosopher



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