How to ACTUALLY get Results for Your Clients:

As Information Marketers, our industry is blighted with high refund rates and some products can have refund rates of up to 50%.

As entrepreneurs with integrity, this is not something that sits comfortably with us and the main questions are:

– How can we reduce those refund rates, so that we get to keep more sales in the long-run
– How can we improve our products so that we don’t incur such high refund rates
– How can we make our products so great that our clients either refer more people to us or sign up to our higher level programs or masterminds, due to the results they have already got.

In order to do this, it is important to understand that there are 3 levels of education. These are:

– Information Education
– Motivation Education
– Transformation Education

In order to explain this, let’s talk use a metaphor of a father teaching his child how to ride a bike.

In Information Education, the father is simply telling their child how to do it.

He is saying to sit on the seat, hold on to the bicycle handle and peddle.

Now, what is the likelihood of the child learning how to ride a bike from that?

What is the likelihood of your clients having success with just instructions? Obviously, it is unlikely, which means they will refund.

Now, let’s assume that the child’s mother walks in and sees the father instructing the child and thinks to herself ‘this is not going to work’.

‘There’s no need to tell our child how to ride the bike because they don’t believe that it’s possible.’

The mother then uses the second form, Motivation Education.

The basis of Motivation Education is about the why and the belief that you can do it.

The mother stands on the side-lines and tells her son that they can do it, they can ride the bicycle. However, the child thinks to themselves, I want to ride it and I know I can ride it, but how can I ride it?
If you are providing Motivation Education, you are not a coach, you are a cheerleader. You are on the side-lines telling your clients they can do it and giving them the belief, but not the tools and methods to do so.

Finally, the wisest person in the house comes in, the older brother. As the older brother can relate to their young sibling better, they tell their mum and dad that they need a third approach.

The older brother says, ‘dad you are showing how to do this and mum you are showing why to do this. Why don’t we combine the two?’

This is Transformation Education, where the client does not just get the how to do it but also the why to do it and the belief that they can do it.

As Information Marketers, our job is two-fold:

1) To tell our clients what to do
2) To instil in them the new mind-set and paradigm that they can do this

Transformation Education is the tool that does both of these and, as a result, the outcome is transformation.

So, let me leave you with one important point. What is transformation, as opposed to change?

Let’s use one final example of a caterpillar. Does a caterpillar change?

Of course it does not, if it did, it would be a bigger caterpillar or a smaller caterpillar, a heavier caterpillar or a lighter caterpillar.

A caterpillar, does not change, it transforms. When a caterpillar goes into a cocoon, it does not come out a bigger caterpillar, it comes out as a butterfly. Look at that butterfly and you will see very little caterpillar remaining.

As Transformational Information Marketers, our goal is to create programs that act as a cocoon, that our clients enter as caterpillars and leave as butterflies. Our goal should be to not just change or improve, but to transform.

The only way to do this is with Transformational Education and, as a result, the next time your client needs to transform to the next level or knows someone who also needs to transform, they will come to you first.

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