How to Build Something that a Billion and a Half People Will PASSIONATELY Believe In:

As entrepreneurs, we all want to build a loyal tribe of consumers, who will buy our products, become our clients and be raving fans who tell others about what we offer.

However, the imperative question is how do we do this?

I often get asked this question by my clients and I always give them the example of how Islam was formed and has grown to a religion that now ¼ of the world’s population believes in (1.25 billion people).

  1. Perfect Your Offer Before You Begin

When Islam was formed, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), his wife Khadija (AS) and his cousin Ali (AS) were the first 3 Muslims. However, they did not go and start telling others about Islam immediately.

In fact, for the first 8 years, Islam only had 3 Muslims. During this time, the Quran was revealed slowly to the Prophet (SAW) and the faith was conceptualized, improved and recorded.

As entrepreneurs, we are natural action takers. However, we are also instant result wanters as well. The truth is that build a truly successful and world-class product or service takes time to refine and perfect and it is important that this is done before it is released to the world so that when it is released to the world, your target audience is blown away by its brilliance.

  1. Structure is Key

Every Muslim is aware of the Pillars of Islam, that simplify the faith and make it very easy to follow. This was, of course, achieved due to the fact that for so many years, Islam was improved and conceptualized before being released to the world.

Similarly in your business, structure is key. I always tell my clients:

‘The more structured your thinking is, the more structured your product will be,
The more structured your product is, the easier it will be to get apply,
The more easier it is to apply, the more it will be applied,
The more it is applied, the more results your clients will get
The more results your clients will get, the happier they will be, the more they willing to spend with you, the more likely they will be to join your higher level program and the more they will refer others to you’

As you can see, this all comes from structure, which is the foundation of any business.

As I also mentioned earlier, entrepreneurs are natural action takers and it is often difficult for someone with this personality trait to do this as it is not in their natural skillset.
Specifically for this reason, allow yourself extra time to do this or hire a mentor who can help you do this much quicker.

Due to the amount of programs my team and I have structured, we can literally structure a high ticket 8 week course in under an hour (it’s hard work and we did several last week!) and it’s a skill that increases the more that you do it.

  1. Solve the biggest problem that your market has

The Prophet (SAW) said that Islam was revealed to save mankind. Could there be a bigger problem to solve?

The truth is, you will get paid according to the problem you solve. By solving a small problem, you will be paid a small amount and by solving a big problem, you will be paid a larger amount.

Many of my clients come to me with 2 or 3 ideas unsure of which to proceed with. I always say to follow your heart as the more passion you have for a subject or solution and the more you will put into it. With this, you will improve faster and soon start solving larger problems and, as you start solving larger problems, you will be rewarded higher.

  1. Expect opposition

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was not a popular figure in Makkah at the time, due to the fact that Islam was greatly opposed to paganism and Makkah, at that time, was a large hub for pagans to come to. As a result, the elders saw the Prophet (SAW) and Islam as a great commercial threat as this would stop the large influx of pagan worshippers.

When you start your business, you will also cause a few ripples in your marketplace as you settle in to it. Our goal, as entrepreneurs, is to bring something new and exciting to the marketplace, something that is one step ahead of what is currently available.

Due to this, we will face opposition, competition and challenge. We will be the David who has to sleigh Goliath (which is exactly why we need to do the hard work and preparation before releasing ourselves to the world to give our David the greatest chance in this).

  1. Celebrate the small victories

In Islam, the word ‘Alhamdolillah’ means thanks to Allah. The first surat of the Quran begins with the word Alhamdolillah and the name of the prophet MuHAMmad (SAW) has the route word ‘Hamd’ in it. As a result of this, it is very evident that gratitude is a large cornerstone of Islam.

Building a successful business is a marathon and not a sprint. Many start but few finish.

The reason why is simple, most don’t celebrate the small victories, as these small victories are what fuel you towards the next one.
Be thankful for every client and celebrate every deal. Then the marathon of struggle will become the marathon of gratitude and it’s much easier to complete the second than the first.

  1. Think Big!

If the Prophet (SAW) wanted Islam to only have 3 followers, he would not have spent the time preparing and laying the foundations that he did.

The Prophet (SAW) instead thought very big and his intention was to create something that the whole world would benefit from forever.

When you ask most entrepreneurs, they say that in a year I want to be doing this, this and this.

I encourage you to think bigger:

– In 10 years what will you be doing?
– In 50 years what will you be doing?
– On the day of your funeral what will you be known for?
– 500 years after you have left this Earth and one of your descendants has a school project and they research you, what will they find about you?

Most entrepreneurs suffer from shiny object syndrome, which I simply call lack of focus syndrome. The easiest way to solve this is to think big and, in doing so, you will find the path you will follow for the rest of your life and never need to change it.

  1. Have faith

When the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) formed Islam and was faced with so much opposition, violent opposition that literally wanted to kill him and destroy Islam, he needed his faith.

In business, we will face many challenges – the month that we struggle to meet payroll, the time when a new competitor enters the market, a failed product launch, a difficult client etc.

However, at this time, we will need our faith to pull us through and without it, we may easily give in.

Being an entrepreneur is the most challenging and exciting profession in the world as we are literally transforming the world with our creation. As a result of this, we will have many who appreciate our work, are impacted by it and, if we are lucky, whose lives are changed by it. This is our greatest gift and, if we apply it well, we may one day build something that positively improves the lives of billions of people.

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