How to Create the Buzz of an Apple Launch on Your Webinar

We’ve all seen the queues that happen whenever Apple launches a new version of the iPhone and the buzz that it gets. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to achieve that same buzz around your webinar?

Fortunately, it’s not very difficult to do and in this post I’m going to show you how to do it.

Before I tell you how to do this, I’ll tell you how most people currently run their webinars.

– 10 Minute Intro
– 40 Minute Content
– 10 Minute Pitch (in which the call to action and price is only revealed in the last 2-3 minutes).

Think about it this way, if you are selling a $997 product, what this means is that you are giving your audience 2-3 minutes to make a $997 decision. If you are offering a 60 minute consultation/ strategy session, you are giving people 2-3 minutes to make a decision as to whether or not they should give you 60 minutes of their time to, let’s face it, be sold to.

Now, I’m sure you can start to see how this is drastically putting you and your audience under a lot of pressure. Now, on top of this, add more pressure with scarcity and limited time bonuses and you put them under more pressure. Human psychology says that when you put someone under pressure, they will leave, not taking the action you want to take them.

Now, let’s go back to the Apple example and let’s use my friend Mario to help us understand this. Mario runs a very successful pizzeria that opens at 7 PM every evening.

However, as Mario’s pizzas are as legendary as your webinars will soon be, Mario has people turning up at his pizzeria from 6:30 PM. So, what does Mario do? Simple, Mario, at 6:30 PM, just pops outside and starts taking orders, so that he has a head-start and can actually get more and more people served.

More importantly, when the shop opens at 7 PM, those who come to Mario’s pizzeria don’t see a guy opening the shutters, but rather a pizzeria full of happy, hungry clients.

You see, in order to have happy and hungry clients, you need to allow for EARLY ADOPTERS. These are the people who queue outside of Apple stores for hours on end to get the first iPhone and, more importantly, are the social proof that your webinar attendees need to know that your offer is worth taking.

This is actually very easy to apply to your webinar, so that it now looks like this:

– 10 Minute Intro
– 20 Minute Content
– Early Adopter Offer (whether it is for a product or an appointment)
– 20 Minute Content
– Pitch

What we have done by introducing an early adopter offer is:

1) Allowed everyone on the webinar who is already convinced and wants to buy or have a strategy session to do so whilst they are hot (as opposed to hoping they are still hot at the end)
2) Remove the pressure from your audience so instead of 2-3 minutes to make a buying decision, they now have about 30 minutes
3) In these 30 minutes, they can actually subconsciously start working out how they can afford to make this decision (or find the time to schedule the strategy session)
4) Give you the social proof as, once you’ve given the early adopter offer, you can actually state who and how many have joined, which is like your own Apple iPhone Launch queue that the rest of the audience now want to join
5) Separate yourself from the usual high-pressure pitch that most do because they have seen everyone else do, even though they know that it leads to very high refund rates following the webinar

Now, in order to introduce an early adopter offer into your webinar, you need to ensure that you don’t introduce it too early! One client introduced it in minute 1, which is before they had provided any value that could validate the offer in their audiences mind.

You also mustn’t go into a full on pitch. The early adopter offer should not last very long, but should rather be mentioned in passing, as opposed to a full on pitch. In the same way that Mario steps outside to take his orders, without needing to open the pizzeria properly, you should also have his subtlety as you are looking to just sign up those who are already sold, without losing those who haven’t made their decision yet.

Lastly, you must ensure that your early adopter offer reveals the price as what you want is for the remaining 30-40 minutes, your audience are sitting there thinking how can I make this happen, how I can find the funds or time to implement this as it truly will have a tremendous value to me.

So, in order to have an Apple Launch buzz on your webinar and a crowd of hungry prospects, just like Mario has, ensure that you have an early adopter offer as those early adopters will be the social proof and the leaders that will cause the rest of the audience to take action as well.

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