How to turn a $3k client into a $30k client (and finally get out of the ‘I Need New Clients Constantly’ rat race)

How to turn a $3k client into a $30k client (and finally get out of the ‘I Need New Clients Constantly’ rat race)

When I first started my business, most of my time was spent hustling for new clients. I would spend hours on Facebook and on calls, winning clients. They would pay me, I would work with them and then I would look for new clients. Each month, I’d start with a new sheet and needing to repeat the whole process over and over again.

In late 2015, I drastically changed my business model and, as a result, I work less hours, work with who I want to work with and, ultimately, get to make a bigger difference in their life.

In this post, I’m going to walk you through the steps that I took to transition my business model, from working with many and always searching for clients, to working with a few clients at a much higher price and in a much rewarding manner.

Step 1: The First Transaction is Always the Hardest

As you have seen from the title of my post, my first transaction is often $3k. The reason why I have chosen this amount is because I have tested various pricepoints and this is the most effective. It has the least resistance, allows your client to generate an ROI quicker and you can often close this on the first call.

Once I’ve delivered value to the client and they have seen that I can get them results and they enjoy working with me, I then offer them into my $30k program for the year.

There’s a very simple philosophy in sales:

‘The hardest thing is to get your client to open their wallet the first time.’

Therefore, make it as easy as possible for your client to open their wallet the first time, as this will lead to many future transactions.

Step 2: Structure is Everything

The most important part of your program is its structure. The reason for this is simple:

‘Structured Information produces transformation’

If you can take what would be difficult and structure it so that it can easily be understood, it can be easily applied and your clients can immediately get results from it, your clients will get the results they are looking for.

If you are not sure how to structure your program, just let me know and I’ll give you a few tips on how to do this.

Step 3: Quality NOT Quantity

Most group programs have 25+ clients in there, however, I limit my group programs to 10 people. The reason is simple.

Most of the ‘super coaches’ work with 10 clients. This gives them enough time to dedicate to each client.

If you want to upgrade your clients, it’s essential that you get them that first result. If there are too many people in your group program, you may not get them all that result they are looking for.

The mathematics is simple – 1 client at $30k is worth 10 clients at $3k. Therefore, why aim for the short term gain, when the longterm gain is so much more lucrative?

I have a simple spreadsheet I use to manage my group programs. If you would like a copy, just let me know.

Step 4: Only work with People who give you energy

When you work with a client at a deep level, it takes a lot of energy. Therefore, it is crucial that you work with people who give you energy.

Be very strict with who you work with. My rule is simple, if after a 10 minute call I do not feel better than I did when I started, I do not work with them as they have drained my energy. If I feel better and they feel better, there’s a synergy and it’s a win-win situation I’m willing to go into.

There are times when you need clients but I can guarantee you that taking in one wrong client will cost you at least 2 or 3 right clients, so always think of the impact that client will have on your life and your business, not just your bank balance.

Step 5: Remember the Golden Rule

I have a simple rule:

‘Look after my clients and they will look after me.’

Always go the extra mile for your client. In an industry where most don’t, become the exception to the rule. By doing this, your clients will want to work with you for a long time.

It’s very simple, if you can get your clients results and help their business grow and improve the quality of their life, why would they want to stop working with you?


Step 6: You Probably Have a $30k client in your Pipeline

When I started, my goal was to run my first workshop and then sign-up my first Mastermind client from the workshop that I ran.

However, the opposite happened. I actually had a Mastermind client before my first workshop.

It’s very simple, your clients can only buy what you offer them. If the highest product or service you offer is $3k program, that’s the most they can spend with you.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you create and structure your Mastermind today, as there are prospects on your list, who you have worked with who would want to sign up for it.

If you would like me to send you my prospecting spreadsheet so you can model it for your campaign, let me know.

Good luck with applying what I have shared with you. This has taken me months of hard-work and hours and hours of testing and structuring to find out and I hope that this will transform your business in the same way that it has and allow you to create a business that serves you to live the lifestyle you want.



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