Our 4 Energy Levels and How to Ensure that Each of them is at it’s Optimum

The biggest shift in my life came when I started to realize just how important managing my energy is. As I study more and more successful people, the more I am convinced that energy is the fuel of success.

In this post, I will go over the 4 energy levels and how to maximize each of them, so that you can have more fuel towards your success.

1. Physical Energy

I remember talking to my mentor about soccer when he made a great point. He said that soccer players only train for 2-3 hours per day and they only play for 90 minutes at a time. This is because when they are training and playing, they are performing at a world-class level and, to do this, requires a lot of physical energy.

Likewise, to perform at a world-class level in any area require a lot of physical energy. I know from experience that when I’m fit, healthy and exercising regularly, my productivity is much higher. When I’m over-indulging and not exercising as often as I should, my energy drops and, with that, so does my productivity.

In order to keep my physical energy high, I try to do the following:

i. Get an early night (I count each hour before midnight as being worth 2 hours sleep, as that slight change in perspective helps me get to sleep earlier)
ii. Hydrate properly (I like to have at least two litres of water each day as it’s amazing the difference I feel when I do this)
iii. Exercise in the morning (when you exercise, you feel better for about 8 hours after that, so by exercising in the morning, those 8 hours follow through my workday and as I feel better, I perform better!)
iv. Try to avoid fizzy drinks (I use to love fizzy drinks before and would have at least 1 can each day, however, now I have it much less and can feel a huge difference in my physical energy because of this.

2. Mental Energy

All problems are created in our mind and all solutions are also created in our mind. By managing our mind properly, we can unlock enormous amounts of mental energy that can help us to come up with better solutions and clearer strategies.

The problem, however, is that we are not taught how to do this. As a result, most of us have messy minds which means we have messy lives. Ultimately, it means we have very little mental energy and that’s why we feel mentally drained so quickly.

Here’s a few things that I do to ensure that my mental energy is optimized:

i. Write things down (I know that when I write things down, its no longer taking up ‘space’ and energy in my mind and, as a result, my mind is clearer and has more mental energy
ii. Focus on one thing at one time (Multi-tasking is the biggest mental energy drain there is as it takes a lot of energy to keep changing your focus from one thing to another to another)
iii. Give myself time (By giving myself enough time to do things, it takes off the mental pressure and releases more mental energy – and saves me time as I make less mistakes and don’t need to go and correct them)
iv. Focus on the big things first (Our mental energy is often highest in the morning, so by focusing on the key tasks in the morning when my mind is freshest lets me get those tasks done better)

3. Emotional Energy

The emotional part of our brain is much more powerful than the logical part of our brain. In fact, it is 5 times more powerful, which is why emotions have such a huge impact on us and why our emotional state is so important.

I have always found that I work best when I’m happiest, as that’s when I have the most emotional energy.

Here’s a few things I do to keep my emotional energy high:

i. Do what I love to do (I personally love movies and going to the cinema to see great films. I also love watching comedy and old Frasier episodes. This helps me keep my emotional energy high).
ii. Avoid drama (I try to avoid drama and situations that happen that can suck my emotional energy. I once heard a great quote ‘Leave drama to the soap operas.’)
iii. Spend time with the right people (I try to spend as much time with people who lift my energy and little time with those who lower it – this has been a huge factor as by changing my social circle has lead me to having more emotional energy)
iv. Meditation (Meditation is what regulates my emotions and ensures that when I’m not feeling at my peak, I can easily shift that and start to feel great again and have high emotional energy).

4. Spiritual Energy

I strongly believe that our Spiritual Energy is our biggest energy source, as we would often do more to help others than we would do for ourselves and we often do not realize just how much we can do until we start looking for that inner-drive and IN-spiration to do so (isn’t it ironic how the word Inspiration and Inspire start withIN?)

Here’s a few things I do to keep my spiritual energy high:

i. Gratitude (By looking at all of the blessings I already have, I feel calm, reassured and energized to do more and give back more as my core philosophy is that the more that I give, the more I will be given)
ii. Prayer (For me, prayer is a way to reconnect with my creator and with the creative force within me)
iii. Being inspired by the Great Prophets (To me, the way they lived their life, their character, their faith and their actions are great inspirations and give me the spiritual strength to do more)
iv. Writing (Allah chose to communicate us with us through the written word as that is timeless and can spread forever. Whenever I write, I know that I am creating something bigger than myself that may be helpful to someone I do not even know – just that feeling inspires me immensely).

These are the 4 energy centres that are so important to us. They are the fuel of our life, the oxygen of our success. It is crucial to keep each of our energies as high as possible as they will have an immediate impact on your life.

Which energy centres are currently full and which need maintaining? What can you do to ensure that they are always at their optimum?



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