Penthouse Selling (How to Attract High Paying Clients)

Every business should have what I call a ‘Penthouse’ offer available.

A penthouse offer is an exclusive offer that is available only to a certain type of client and, as a result, is extremely lucrative.

More importantly, the reason why it’s called a Penthouse offer is because its fairly easy to add on to your existing business.

I get asked multiple times daily how to create and sell a high ticket offer. As a result of this, I thought I’d just share with you 5 quick and easy ways that you could add a high-ticket offer to your business TODAY.

DISCLAIMER: What I’m about to share with you will literally transform your life and create some drastic mindset shifts – I’m going to explain these 5 ways in detail, so make sure you allow yourself a good amount of time to read and digest this content properly.

In order to expand on this, we will use the acronym price, as our goal is to be enrolling new clients at a much higher price and, as a result, taking a giant leap towards our financial goals.

P = Price Proximity

One of the easiest ways to sell a high-ticket offer is to actually tell people that you have one! Most people fail miserably here and if your clients don’t know that there’s a high ticket offer available, then how will they even consider it, let alone enrol in it?

A simple solution to this is price proximity. Let me explain how this works:

On a webinar or sales page or even an email, you can simply say something like:

‘I charge $5,000 to work with me, but today I’m giving you a special opportunity to work with me for $500’

(It is CRUCIAL that you’re accurate and fair with these numbers, if the most you have charged a client for a project that matches your offer is $1,000, then state that. Do not make up numbers, we are here to serve not to manipulate).

Price proximity serves 2 purposes:

It tells people that they can work with you for $5,000 – you will have clients who just want to work with you, not go through a course or a program. By letting them know you have this option available, they will contact you.
Have you noticed how the $5,000 value makes the $500 seem so much smaller (this will drastically increase your unit sales as people will not think ‘that’s a lot at $500’ but ‘I’m getting a great deal at $500) – it’s all about perspective

It’s very easy to add price proximity into your sales process and something you should do immediately so that the penthouse clients know you have a penthouse available.

R = Refferals

One of the biggest mindset shifts that you can make when it comes to dealing with ‘Penthouse’ clients is that it is no longer about marketing, but more about relationships.

Let me explain the key difference between low ticket clients and ‘Penthouse’ clients:
Low ticket clients are essentially scarcity minded and as a result, will hoard information and contacts (as they believe the pie that they are sharing will be divided further)
Penthouse clients are abundance minded and as a result, will share information and contacts as they believe that the more they share, the bigger the pie gets and the more each person gets.

As a result of this, you will find that as you start working with ‘Penthouse’ clients and really delivering amazing value and service, they will refer you to their networks and you will soon find that referrals is your biggest lead source and, more importantly, the easiest sales you can make.

In my experience, I have found that 1 ‘Penthouse’ client will refer me to at least 3 other ‘Penthouse’ clients and, as a result, that is all the marketing that I need.

As a result of this, instead of filling your pipeline with new leads through marketing, your key shift should be to focus on over-delivering as that, ultimately, is the source of referrals.

An easy way to implement this into your business today is to ask your current ‘Penthouse’ client or clients if they know anyone who might be interested to work with you and, as a result, these referrals will soon become bountiful.

I = Information

There are 3 levels of information:

1) Free Information (everything is available on the internet or in a book somewhere, you just need to find it)
2) Organised Information (this is where you pay money to save time having to find that information)
3) Transformational Information (this is the realm of high ticket selling)

The best way to introduce transformational information is through a webinar. As I mentioned in a previous post, you do not want a discovery channel type webinar with information overload, you want a Game of Thrones type webinar that takes someone to where they want to be emotionally – so that once they have genuinely experienced this emotion, they have full faith in you as being the person to get them to their desired business and lifestyle, permanently.

Once your ‘Penthouse’ client has seen the view, they will purchase the Penthouse to enjoy that view daily – that is the goal of the webinar.

The goal of your program is to create a structured, well thought out program that has been tested and refined in order to allow your ‘Penthouse’ client to be able to live the ‘Penthouse’ lifestyle that they are desiring.

If you do not yet have a webinar for your business, this is a crucial step to add today to start attracting ‘Penthouse’ clients.

C = Concept

The difference between a 6 and 7 figure business is a good business concept as this concept is what allows it to be scalable and, if need be, sellable.

A concept is essentially organised knowledge that is easy to apply. By being easy to apply, it is applied. By applying this, results are achieved. By results being achieved consistently, transformation is achieved.

I wrote extensively about how to do this previously, so if you need any guidance on that refer back to there.

If you don’t have a concept or a model for your business, add this as soon as possible as this is what ‘Penthouse’ clients are looking for as this is what separates you from the rest of the marketplace.

E = Experience

One of the most easiest ways to attract ‘Penthouse’ clients is by looking at and thinking about exactly where they are stuck and what they need.

I will give you an example. Most of my clients require high quality graphics for their models, their webinars and their marketing. As a result, I have my own in-house graphics team who take care of all of their graphics needs.

As a result of thinking through what my ‘Penthouse’ client needed, I was able to add value to my offer and solve many more problems for my clients, enabling me to charge more for my services.

One way to attract ‘Penthouse’ clients is to ask them exactly what they need and if there’s something that you don’t yet provide, find a way to offer that to enhance your offer.

In conclusion, we have 5 ways to immediately add a high ticket ‘Penthouse’ offer to your business:

1) Price proximity – let clients know you have a high ticket offer
2) Referrals – reach that critical mass where ‘Penthouse’ clients refer more and more ‘Penthouse ‘clients to you
3) Information – Ensure that you are providing transformational information
4) Concept – Build a model around your business
5) Experience – Provide more towards the ‘Ideal’ experience your ‘Penthouse’ client requires.

Good luck with adding these into your business and let me know which you plan to add and how!

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