The 2 Sales Conversations that take Place on Every Webinar

The 2 Sales Conversations that take Place on Every Webinar

As I critique more and more webinars, I’m starting to see a growing problem area that many are struggling with. This is the actual sales pitch, at the end of the webinar.

One of the golden rules when it comes to sales is this:

‘People love buying, but hate being sold to.’

Most of the webinars that I critique break this golden rule. They have a high pressure pitch with scarcity, limited time bonuses and every other sales tactic thrown in.

They then wonder why they are not making enough sales from that!

In order to actually make sales from your webinar, 2 sales conversations need to happen:

  1. The external conversation where you sell your product/ service to your audience
  2. The internal conversation where they sell your product/ service to themselves

Most webinars focus far too strongly on the first conversation and totally neglect the second conversation.

If your webinar is totally focused on the first conversation, you have to use a hard sell to win your audience over. However, with this, you will also win over a lot of skeptical buyers who will eventually request a refund, as the reason they bought your product/ service was because of the hard sell and not their desire to actually work with what you are offering them. This is why so many webinars have 20-50% refund rates, which if you are selling in volume will soon add up to a lot.

However, if your webinar is focused on the second conversation, the hardest sale is done as people instinctively love to buy and you just need to steer that conversation and remove a few objections, as opposed to having to convince them that unless they have your product/ service, their business will fail tomorrow and they’ll never make another penny ever again.

More importantly, when people buy because that internal conversation has guided them to buy, they will be buying because they want the result you can offer them. As a result of this, they will be more motivated, take more action and get the results they want. Consequently, they will not request refunds and will, in fact, be more inclined to ask about the next level of product or service you offer.

In order to have a webinar that sells effectively and ethically, it is crucial that both of these conversations take place. By doing this, you will build a loyal base of raving fans who get the results you promise them and are a pleasure to work with.


Good luck with your webinars!

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