The 7 Fundamental Laws of a Financially Flourishing and Emotionally Fulfilling Business

Throughout my years as a business consultant, the majority of my clients have struggled with one key question:

How do I do what I love and get financially rewarded for it?

The majority of people with a business struggle with this because they feel that they have to choose between one of the following two choices:

  1. Do what I love and accept that I will not make as much money as I want
  2. Make more money and sacrifice this by doing some things that I do not necessarily love to do

In this post, I’m going to share with you the 7 fundamental laws that will take you away from having to make this choice and allow you to do what you love and make as much money as you want, with the added bonus of being emotionally fulfilled and impacting people in a deep and profound way.

1.The Law Of Service

When we think of service, we think that it this is something that we receive when we go to a restaurant or when we get our car ‘serviced’. As a result of this, we have been conditioned to think negatively of this word, as we feel that a servant is someone who is below us.

When we actually understand the true meaning of service, we realize that it is the exact opposite. The original meaning of the word service refers to public worship (this is why Churches still have services today). In essence, service is actually the highest form of living.

Our service is our opportunity to share our greatest gifts and talents with the world. Through our service, we can give the world the best that we have.

The law of service teaches us that the more we give the best of ourselves, the more we will receive. This is why it is so important to share the best of you with others, as you will be rewarded accordingly.

2. The Law of Courage

Serving the world at the highest level may seem daunting. It will require you to step out of your comfort zone and do many things that may seem uncomfortable, such as taking risks, presenting to the public or asking for what you are not used to asking for.

However, this is where the law of courage supports you. The origin of the word courage comes from the concept of great love.

When you start to do your work with great love, all of your fears and inhibitions disappear. You no longer think of the people who will judge you but switch to focusing on those who will accept and celebrate you.

Through courage, you will approach your work like a master craftsman, who puts their heart and soul into creating something that will impact others in a way that few others do.

The law of courage states that by impacting others deeply, you will be rewarded in ways that very few are.

3. The Law of Confidence

In order to be a successful business owner who serves the world in a profound way, you need to have confidence. Life and business will always throw you challenges, and you need confidence to handle these challenges well.

Most people, however, have misunderstood confidence. They feel that confidence is how you appear to the world.

In truth, the opposite is true. Confidence is how you appear to yourself.

The original meaning of confidence is total self-trust.

When you have confidence, you trust yourself fully. You know that whatever challenges you are faced with, either in your personal or business life, you can handle it.

The law of confidence teaches us that nothing will get in the way of how we serve others, with great love that ensures we serve them in a profound way. As nothing will stop us, we will go further than most and be rewarded more than most.


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4. The Law of Targets

Confidence is a powerful attribute as long as we use it correctly. The Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, teaches us that we are teleological, meaning that we need to have targets to aim towards (and achieve) in order to be happy.

Think of a day when you woke up with no idea of what to do. How did that day go, did you use it well or did you waste it?

Now compare it to a day where you knew exactly what to do. Did you get the maximum that you could have out of that day and move forward in your business and your life? How did you feel, at the end of the day, knowing that you were teleologically fulfilled?

The law of targets teaches us that need we need to have a direction and targets that will take us in that direction. With this, you will race towards your goals and without this, you will run around in circles. The ones who race towards their goals are the ones who are rewarded the best.

5. The Law of Inspiration

Having targets and milestones is great, but we all have a fear of if we have the right targets or goals? We have that subconscious fear of ‘what if’, what if in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or at the end of my life, I realize that I chose the wrong thing to focus on?

This is why we need to be inspired. The original meaning of being inspired is to be possessed by a god-like quality. In essence, when we are inspired, we are connected to the highest part within our self, our maximum potential and our ultimate truth.

When you are inspired, you make the best decisions, the ones that allow you to fulfill your highest potential and to live your ultimate truth.

The law of inspiration teaches us that we already know our purpose and what we want to do, we just need to find it within our self. The ones who do have the most fulfilling lives and fulfill their true potential, whilst living their highest truth, which is why they are rewarded the best.

6. The Law of Character

Why is it that so few of us fulfill our potential? Why do very few serve at the highest level, with courage and love, with full confidence and achieving the targets that they set? Why are so few of us inspired?

The answer is very simple, we have the wrong definition of fulfilling our potential and living to our true character. When we look at the true definition of character, it is not something that we ‘build’ but something that we release.

When Michelangelo sculpted David, he said that he did not sculpt David from marble, but simply removed everything that was in the way of releasing the David that was already there.

Our full potential is revealed when we remove everything that is stopping us from being our very best. We do not build our character, as that is already within us. We simply remove everything that is stopping the world from seeing us at our very best.

The law of character teaches us that our full potential is already within us and we need to remove that which stops it from being fully expressed. The few who fulfill their potential have removed everything and express their true character, which is why they are rewarded according to their full potential.

7. The Law of Legacy

The most important question that we can ask ourselves is ‘why?’ Why are we doing what we are doing and why is it important to us?

Abraham Maslow said it brilliantly, ‘what one can be, one must be.’

Serving the world at the highest level through a financially flourishing and emotionally rewarding business is not something that we can choose to have, it is crucial to our very existence that we must do this.

When we are fulfilling our true potential, we are happiest. When we are living below what we are capable of, we are not.

As people who serve, with love, with confidence, with big goals and targets, who are inspired and have the highest character, we have no choice but to fulfill our potential and to live as the best versions of ourselves. We will not accept anything else from our self as we know that we cannot be anything less than what we can be.

By doing so, we cannot help but impact people in a deep and transformative way. By doing so, we cannot fail in leaving behind an incredible legacy.

The law of legacy teaches us that we do not build a legacy but leave it behind. It is what outlives us in the people that we have transformed through our work, through our service to the world.

By living according to the 7 Fundamental Laws, you will have a financially flourishing and emotionally fulfilling business. You will achieve the greatest goal that there is, fulfilling your true potential, and you will be rewarded in a way that very few are and remembered as having contributed greatly to the lives of those you are fortunate to serve.

Go and serve with courage, confidence, with big goals and targets, being inspired and showing the world your true character. The world is waiting for you and this will be your true legacy!

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