The Power of Visualization (and how to visualize properly)

Everything is created twice – first in the mind and then reality. The way that we create in our mind is through visualization.

From a spiritual perspective, visualization is very important because by visualizing, you are giving that idea or concept energy. Think of a goal as being a seed in your mind, the first time you visualize, you are planting the seed. As you continue to visualize that goal, you are nurturing it and helping it grow – which is why you should visualize your goals twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. If you do not, the goal (or seed) will not grow and develop.

From a psychological perspective, visualization creates structural tension. If you test drive a new car, the old one you are currently driving seems vastly inferior. Similarly, when you visualize your new life, you are test driving the new car and when you go back to your normal life, the current way you are living seems to be below where currently are.

As you visualize more, the mind will soon start to replace the current way you are living with the new visualized method and will activate your reticular activating system to ensure that it finds all of the opportunities and resources to make the visualized life your permanent life.

Many people find it hard to visualize, so an important point to remember is this. When James Cameron made Avatar, it took 10 years from concept to final movie. However, when you watch the movie, it only takes 2 hours and is available any time you need to see it.

Likewise, the first few times you visualize, you will be creating the scene in your mind, take some time to do this and be patient, knowing that once those images of your visualization have been created, you will easily be able to access them in the future.

The human mind can achieve anything and can solve any problem, move you to any goal and create any response, just as long as you hold a firm image of that goal in your mind, through visualization, first.

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