The Rule of Giving:

I have recently started to live by a very simple and easy rule:

‘Give everyone I encounter a gift’

Although this seems difficult to do, it is very easy, as we all have so much we can give.

It doesn’t have to be a large gift or even one of monetary value, it can be something as simple as a kind word, a few minutes to help them with an idea, a smile or, in many cases, just as a prayer.

More importantly, it doesn’t matter if they say thank-you verbally as they have, indeed, given you the greatest gift of being able to give to them.

Many would say, but why give so much? Won’t you end up with less?

Experience has taught me the opposite. There isn’t a small pie that we should all aim to get a small pie, instead, if we all focussed on making the pie bigger, we would naturally, all get more of it anyway.

Many would also say, but why give to someone who can’t give you back? Isn’t entrepreneurship all about a value exchange?

It most definitely is, but where most people fail is that they mistakenly think it’s about an immediate value exchange. In truth, you will often find that your best clients that are the greatest joy to work with are the ones you have taken the time to nurture and build a relationship with. I always like to give the analogy of the tide, the tide is not high all of the time, it is also low, sometimes it is in, sometimes it is out. Likewise, in business, sometimes you will be the one giving and not receiving immediately, but like the tide, it will soon turn and you will be blessed with abundance.

Furthermore, many more would say, but what if I don’t get anything back from that person?

It’s a universal law that as you reap, so you shall sew. You may not get back from that same person, but you will always get back abundantly, it has to happen, just as night follows day.

Many people overcomplicate business by separating it from life.

The truth is, business is a part of life.

Start by giving a prayer, that will encourage you to give a smile.
Then give a smile, that will encourage you to give a good word.
Then give a good word, that will encourage you to give advice.
Then give advice from the heart, this will win you clients.
Clients will ultimately give you the business, lifestyle and ability to truly express and inspire in others what you want to achieve and the motivation to to go even further than you thought possible.

It’s amazing how simple things are when we break them down into smaller pieces. It’s amazing to think how many businesses started with a prayer and grew into something even the person creating it could not imagine.

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