The Spirituality of Work:

One day, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was walking and he met a man who was walking with a camel.

‘Where are you going?’ The Prophet (SAW) asked.

‘I’m returning home from work.’ He replied.

‘If that is genuinely the case, you have done a very spiritual deed.’ The Prophet (SAW) told him.

We often live our lives in a very compartmentalised ways. When we work, we work. When we play, we play. When we are praying and serving, we are praying and serving.

The message that the Prophet (SAW) was giving to us is that we should not live that way. When we work, why not work in such a way that it is also play (as we are so passionate about it) and in a way that we are being spiritual and serving as much as we can.

Why not, for a day, try not to compartmentalise your day and, instead of living life in parts (part work, part fun, part service, part prayer, part contribution, part learning etc), live FULLY so that you’re experiencing it all in one time, together?

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