The Webinar Attendee Avatar:

The most common reason why webinars do not convert is because the webinar creator has not identified the right webinar attendee avatar or, in most cases, doesn’t even know that there are 4 key webinar attendee avatars to begin with.

(An avatar is essentially the personality type that the majority of the webinar attendees fall into – and just as a well developed customer avatar is essential in the marketing campaign to get someone into the webinar through an effective ad campaign, it is JUST AS IMPORTANT in actually getting someone to take action on your offer).

Let’s discuss one of the main 4 Webinar Attendee Avatars in detail so that you can start to see how this applies:


Planners are traditionally slow decision makers and are people who love security.

A prime example of a planner is someone in middle or senior management, someone who loves the security of a paycheque every 2 weeks.

Planners are also very detail orientated and systematic. They need a logical webinar with lots of real-life numbers and case studies.

If you are creating a webinar for offline marketing and targeting businesses like accountants, lawyers, dentists, consultants, blue-colour managers etc – these will all be planners.

As I mentioned earlier, planners are slow decision makers and do not adapt to change very quickly. As a result of this, you will find that the majority of your sales will come not on the actual webinar, but in the follow-up emails and sequence that follows.

Usually, you can find that up to 70% of sales or leads will come in the post-webinar follow-up.

The reason why many webinars to PLANNERS don’t work is because:

Most people don’t even understand that there are 4 different webinar attendee avatars and they create their webinar based on their own personality and thought processes (which if you are a marketer will most likely not be a PLANNER personality) and, as a result, there will be a big disconnect.
Most people put little to no effort in the follow-up sequence and, as I mentioned earlier, up to 70% of results for a PLANNER webinar, will be in the follow-up.

It is fundamental to ensure that you are using the right language for PLANNERS, they do not like change and they expect processes that take time. They do not believe they can make a million dollars in 30 days, they are very structured and grounded with their thoughts and belief systems, and it is important to reflect the title, theme and content of your webinar around this.

Here are a few ways to define who your webinar attendee avatar is and to get a good idea of the theme, tonality and core concepts to use in the webinar:

Age – Often, older webinar attendees are more cautious in their thinking and use experience to make a decision whilst younger webinar attendees see the possibilities of online marketing much more easily as they have grown up with it

Vocation – The way you would present an idea to an entrepreneur would be very different to how you would pitch an idea to a dentist, for example

Activities – What type of activities does your avatar like to do on the webinar? Would they prefer a spreadsheet based activity or a brainstorming/ creative activity, for example.

Time – How long does your avatar have to spend on a webinar? Is it 60 minutes exactly or can the webinar extend to 1.5 to 2 hours + FAQs?

Action– It is crucial to think of who your avatar is and what type of service they require – is it a do it yourself offer, a do it with you offer or a do it for you offer

Region – Naturally, where they are located is also important as each culture has a different way of evaluating opportunity. In the USA, people are generally more entrepreneurial, whilst in the UK they take a bit longer to make a decision, for example.

If your webinar isn’t converting, or if you are looking to create a webinar, make sure you have a good understanding of the webinar attendee avatar as unless you have that right, there will be a big disconnect with your audience and your webinar simply won’t convert as a result of this.

Good luck with your webinars!

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