Why November 24, 1859 is the most important day for any entrepreneur:

On November 24 1859, Charles Darwin’s book The Origin of the Species was published and, along with that, the theory of evolution was presented to the world.

Since that book was published, we have gone to the moon, learned to fly, created the car, connected the world with technology and even more.

In fact, it’s fair to say that we have progressed quicker in the past 150 years than in the whole of human history before that.

So how did this book change the world and how does it affect us as entrepreneurs?

The answer is simple, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, for the first time in history, created a paradigm that change is good.

If we go back to the Ancient Egyptians, the dead were mummified and one of the reasons for this was to allow the holding on to the past. Similarly, if we look at many other cultures, it is often seen as more important to hold on to the old (as it has worked) than embrace the new (as it might work even better or it might not work at all).

As entrepreneurs, it’s crucial that we maintain this paradigm that change is good. Every day, technology, opportunities and the marketplace is changing and the more open we are to that change, the quicker we can benefit from new opportunities and grow.

By being open to change, we can find new lead sources, new connections, new ways to promote our product and new ways to do things.

If you’re not doing at least one new thing every week in your business, you’ll soon fall behind your competitors. The ability to change quickly is the key to success today and the ability to evolve our mindset to accept this is the first step to the next level of success that is waiting for us.

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