– The Clients from Webinars Workshop Starting 1 February 2016**

Over the past couple of weeks, I have had so many requests on Facebook and from my list for a new workshop, that I have decided to run ‘The Clients from Webinars Workshop’ this January.

What really makes this workshop unique is that it is 100% live and is limited to just 12 people, so that I can focus on giving each participant enough personal attention to really hit their goals.

4 places for this workshop have already been filled – and so there are only 6 more places available.

This workshop is ideal for any of the following people:

Coaches who are looking to create a streamlined lead generation process, using webinars, so that they can focus their time on serving clients instead of finding them (one of my clients previously went from 3 weeks of calls to fill up her workshop to filling up her workshop with 2 x 1 hour webinars)


Trainers who want to systemize their information and sell their expertize for a higher fee (one of my clients went from travelling the world speaking to selling 10 copies of her $5,000 training course from 2 x 1 hour webinars)


Authors who want to finally monetize their authority with a high-value program (one of my author clients now uses webinars regularly to sell out a $4,000 training program)


Speakers who want to transition from the hectic schedule of speaking on stage to having an online program that frees up a lot more time (one of my clients is transitioning from spending 180 days a year speaking in different parts of the world to spending those 180 days with her family instead)


Marketers who are sick and tired of running on the launch treadmill and are spending months on a launch and paying most of it to affiliates (one of my clients is creating a high-ticket product that has already earned him more than his last 2 launches combined)


Service providers who no longer want to compete on price but be positioned as an authority (one of my clients has already raised their prices from $300 to $3,000 and is loving the new clients she now works with)


The Clients from Webinars Workshop is set-out over 6 weeks, with an Induction Week before the program and a Live Review after the program.

(Enrolment which is now open)

In this 1-1 call with me, we will discuss your offer and I will help you to structure your offer correctly and also your deliverables, so that you will have a world-class offer and solution that will pivotal in your positioning. By the end of this call, you will have the exact strategy we will implement over the next sessions.



Call 1: Traffic

In this call, we will use the Targeted Traffic Triangle to begin looking at where your ideal clients are and the most effective ways to get your message out in front of this. This is not about Facebook Ads or expensive media buys that you need a large amount to start with, many of my clients have filled out their first webinars to sell their multi-thousand dollars offer with under $100 ad spend.



Call 2: Registrants

Now that we know where our ideal clients are and how to get our message to them, we will use the Authority Positioning Process to ensure that they register for your webinar. This process has helped the majority of my clients get at least 100 registrants and 30 attendees to their first webinar, with a minimal ad spend.



Call 3: Attendees

Now that we have registrants, we need to ensure that our webinar has attendees and, more importantly, attendees who stay to the end of the webinar. By using the Attendee Analysis Quadrant, we can quickly identify who most of our attendees are and ensure that our content is presented in a way that appeals to them and keeps them engaged and active until the end of the webinar. This process is why most of my clients have 90%+ attendees at the end of their webinar.



Call 4: Webinar

The most important part of the process is the webinar. We first decide which webinar is relevant to your need. This could be a 60 Minute Webinar (where you are selling a product or offering a single call to action), a Pitch and Position Webinar (where you are selling both a product and service which can literally double your webinar sales) or a Penthouse Webinar (where you are looking to sell a $3,000+ product or service from the webinar without needing strategy calls). We will use my 7 part webinar structuring process to ensure that your webinar has all of the relevant positioning, information and sales processes in place and the 5 webinar presentation personalities that ensure your audience stay active and engaged. This process is why most of my clients can now structure a world-class webinar in under 60 minutes.



Call 5: Offer

The reason why most webinars do not make enough revenue is because they have a poorly structured sales process or a weak offer. By using the Sell Without Selling Formula, you will be able to transition from world-class presenter to world-class sales person effortlessly. By using the Triple Tier Offer, you will be able to sell multiple products on the webinar to appeal to all of the different audience types (one client sold a $997 product, $2,500 course and $5,000 mastermind all from the same webinar whilst INCREASING conversions). Lastly, by using the Strategy Call Success System, you will be able to close any leads who contact you privately from the webinar (this call structure has led to an 80% close rate for me).



Call 6: Clients

Now that we have run a successful webinar, we still have many prospects who did not buy. By using the Client Conversion Campaign, we can ensure that we generate at least 50-80% more revenue through our follow-up campaigns. Just this alone can add tens of thousands of dollars to your webinar campaign.


Call 8: Review

Finally, to ensure that you have a scalable ad campaign, a high-converting registration page, a webinar that brings you clients consistently and an offer that ensures you have the highest possible revenue, we will have a 1-1 review call to go over everything and ensure that you have a full Clients from Webinars set-up that will provide your business with clients for years to come.

As I mentioned, this workshop is limited to only 12 people (as it is 100% live and with constant support from me). I have already filled 4 spaces and have 8 spaces available.

If you want 2016 to be the year where your business finally reaches its potential and instead of you having to serve your business, your business starts to serve you by allowing you to work with who you want, when you want and be rewarded handsomely for it, simply book a call below and I will be in touch with details.

Good luck with your business, good luck with your webinars and may 2016 be a transformational year for you.